BIGBANG’s ‘Still Life’ topped digital charts for the 6th day with favorable reviews from fans and critics

BIGBANG has been sweeping domestic and foreign charts for the 6th day with their latest song ‘Still Life’.

As of 9 am KST on April 10th, BIGBANG‘s ‘Still Life‘ is firmly maintaining No. 1 on major music charts in Korea, including Melon Top 100 24Hits, Genie, Bugs, Vibe, and Flo. After occupying the top of the daily charts in half a day after releasing ‘Still Life’ at midnight on April 5th, BIGBANG has been stopping all other songs from rising to first place in real-time.

This is BIGBANG’s first comeback in about 4 years since the single ‘Flower Road’ in 2018, and their phenomenal result on the charts is being achieved only through music, as there is no special promotion. As BIGBANG has produced numerous hit songs so far, the solid trust of fans and general listeners toward them can be confirmed.

Bigbang-Still Life

Known for their wide music spectrum, this time, BIGBANG went for a warm band sound and touched the hearts of listeners by combining poetic metaphors with meaningful lyrics that show original artistry on beautiful melodies.

Thanks to this, the voices and sincere messages of the four BIGBANG members were delivered more powerfully. Taeyang‘s soulful tone, Daesung‘s matured vocals, and the stylish and heavy rap of G-Dragon and T.O.P complement each other well, demonstrating the harmony that only BIGBANG can deliver.

Famous British music critic site NME gave ‘Still Life‘ five stars, a perfect score. NME praised the song, saying, “‘Still Life’ may not provide the answers most have been clamouring for, but it does want to let listeners know one thing: BIGBANG are not the same men they were four years ago, and they’re all the better for it.” 

G-Dragon Bigbang-Still Life

With BIGBANG’s return, fans have been immersed into the nostalgia of crying and laughing with them. Fans have been showing explosive responses by pouring out their sincere impressions such as “The only thing that has changed is the time and seasons of 4 years, but BIGBANG’s class remains the same” and “Still Life, Still BIGBANG”.

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