3 crucial factors that make BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group: music, talent and fashion

Although they do not follow the common route of Kpop idols – constant comebacks to maintain popularity, each comeback of BLACKPINK is worth the anticipation. So what helps BLACKPINK achieve such an impact in the industry?

BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group

BLACKPINK’s potential is endless, but it seems that it has only been partially explored by YG, because digging deeper there is still much that the public can expect to see from the group. However, all outstanding achievements of the 4 members so far are already enough to prove their irresistible charm. 

Here are the 3 key factors that decide the success of BLACKPINK!

1. Trendy and catchy music

BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group

YG is an entertainment company that always knows how to create trends with their one of a kind musical identity in the K-pop that is getting mainstream. Without a doubt, BLACKPINK, with a lineup of talented and charismatic girls also got to become the owner of numerous smash hits by YG famous producers, thereby successfully establishing their own brand in the industry. 

BLACKPINK’s songs are public friendly and easy to memorize, but also have unique characteristics that can only be found in the YG girl group’s music. The melodies tend to be upbeat, catchy, combined with the fast tempo and addictive beat. The group’s music knows how to perfectly highlight each verse, including both familiar and exciting sounds that keep listeners hooked after just one listen. The lyrics are like a spell, appealing to even the strictest listeners. 

YG often draws criticism from BLACKPINK’s fans, but the amount of money and effort poured into each comeback of the girls are undeniable. Last year, with the hit “How You Like That” or “Lovesick Girls” or “Ice Cream”, BLACKPINK broke records left and right, once again confirming their top position among the current 3rd generation girl groups. 

Every MV of BLACKPINK is a feast to both the ears and the eyes. Every footage highlights the members’ charms, visuals, and contributes to the soul of the song. The colors BLACKPINK brings through MVs are like a glass of wine, familar but rich and enjoyable to every drop.

Indeed, in today’s era when the public’s taste is gradually becoming stricter, music is no longer merely a transmission through lyrics and melodies. So when it comes to aesthetics, BLACKPINK is tough to beat

Every BLACKPINK’s MV is eye-catching

Everyone can praise YG’s hitmaker Teddy – the talented producer behind the success of BLACKPINK’s songs. However, it should be acknowledged that perhaps only BLACKPINK can bring out the quality that Teddy wants to convey. Success needs to be viewed from many sides, but above all, the most amazing is the way these factors meet (BLACKPINK, Teddy and YG), to conquer listeners with quality tracks. 

2. Leading stars in fashion

Three words to briefly describe what makes the 4 BLACKPINK members able to become the leading fashion trendsetters in Kpop are probably: Beauty – Body – Charm.

BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group

The classy and trendy charisma, the ability to pull off every concept are what make BLACKPINK the most sought-after idols by numerous expensive brands. Charming eyes, Kpop 3rd generation’s top visual, being dubbed “physique queen”,… are the factors that easily help BLACKPINK members get selected as the face of many luxury designer brands in the world.

BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group
Lisa is the ambassador of Celine
BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group
Rosé is the ambassador of YSL

On stage, in MVs, at the airport, on the street, at events, or in ordinary daily life, everything BLACKPINK wears becomes a sensation and starts a trend. Not only leading in music, when it comes to fashion, BLACKPINK is unrivaled among K-Pop idol groups.

 blackpink jisoo dior
Jisoo is the global ambassador of Dior Beauty
BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group
Jennie is Chanel’s brand ambassador

BLACKPINK’s impact in the fashion industry is unarguable. The ability to define their own style, great fashion sense, charming auras are what make BLACKPINK members the muses of the global fashion world. 

3. A lineup of all-rounders

BLACKPINK seems to be a rare lineup that has all the necessary qualities for an ideal Kpop group: top visual, unique vocal colors, and top-notching singing, dancing and rapping skills. 

BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group

BLACKPINK is not only famous as a whole group, but each member is also talented and pretty enough to earn the main position in other groups.

Lisa – a dancing machine with breathtakingly attractive dance moves and top-tier presence. Lisa stirs up the Internet with every single dance video she’s in, entering the top trend of many countries around the world with groundbreaking numbers of views. “Thai Princess” also captures fans’ hearts with her doll-like, pretty face, a surreal body and a lovely, cute and charming personality. 

BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group

Jisoo – a visual goddess with a face that adheres to Korean beauty standards. Jisoo often appears next to Irene and Tzuyu as the trio of top visuals of 3rd generation female idols. Moreover, Jisoo is also a hardworking, loveable member of BLACKPINK who always tries to become the most perfect version of herself, as evidenced by the fact that her voice is getting more and more beautiful along with her improvement in dancing.

BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group

Rosé – a vocalist with a warm, unique voice. From debut until now, Rosé’s voice has always been a trending topic. Although there are still mixed reactions to her voice when singing, it can’t be denied that her voice is meant for BLACKPINK’s songs, turning them into memorable hits that no cover can live up to. 

BLACKPINK world’s biggest K-pop girl group

Jennie – unique cat eyes with powerful rapping skills. Since her debut, Jennie has always been the focus of attention. Jennie is the embodiment of all the qualities of an idol that management companies are always looking for. Her lovely, soft personality contrasts with her sexy, attractive stage presence, marking a special impression on the public. 

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