SM produces NCT webtoon & RIIZE web noel through IP collaboration with Kakao

Kakao Entertainment collaborates with SM to introduce NCT’s worldview webtoon and RIIZE’s growing story web novel.

On August 17th, Kakao Entertainment announced their plan to launch a webtoon depicting the worldview of NCT, a globally loved boy group, and a web novel containing the growth of SM’s new boy group RIIZE. Launched to commemorate NCT’s new album release and RIIZE’s debut, these two projects mark Kakao’s first story IP collaboration with SM. 


In particular, the webtoon “NCT: Dream Contact” about NCT’s worldview will be released on Kakao Webtoon and Kakao Page at 10 p.m. on August 18th, while the web novel “Rise & Realize”, which depicts RIIZE’s growing history, will be available on Kakao Page on the 19th.


First, NCT’s webtoon “NCT: Dream Contact” is an omnibus webtoon with a total of 5 episodes, including prologues. Based on NCT’s worldview in which people sympathize with each other through dreams and become one through music, the webtoon tells about boys overcoming fears and moving toward hope through dreams, unconsciousness, and daily life. To make the worldview of NCT, including NCT127, NCT DREAM, and WayV, easier to understand, much effort has been put into the production. Famous writers ZQ, Seogeul, and Kim Ho Ae worked together to create this webtoon. In addition, elements from the existing NCT universe will be reflected in the backgrounds and details of the webtoon. 


Written by Kim Ho Ae, “Rise & Realize” centers on RIIZE’s growth through a “real-time odyssey”. Based on RIIZE’s identity and the meaning of their group name, which is “a team that grows together and realizes dreams”, this novel is like a youth drama that depicts the stories of the characters overcoming growing pains. The characters in “Rise & Realize” are sketched out with the personalities and characteristics of RIIZE members. Apart from the web novel, fans can also find special illustrations of some major scenes in the work by Nak Di and Nogon.


Fans of NCT and RIIZE show enthusiastic responses and are looking forward to the release of both “NCT: Dream Contact” and “Rise & Realize”.

Source: Daum

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