How Big Bang members predicted their 2022 5 years ago: Daesung’s remark about Seungri’s withdrawal surprised netizens

A video of Big Bang Daesung predicting Seungri’s withdrawal from the group 5 years ago has recently become a hot topic.


The DVD content of “BIGBANG’s 2017 WELCOMING COLLECTION” released in 2017 showed Big Bang members gathering and performing a situational play under the theme of “2022 Big Bang”.

The members acted as if they were in 2022.

In the video, Daesung jokingly, “Seunghyun (Seungri’s real name), how are you? What have you been doing while we four are promoting together?”

Upon hearing Daesung’s words, Seungri said, “I heard Daesung hyung had cosmetic surgery, but your eyes look the same as before”. He then turned to Taeyang and asked, “How is your wife doing?”.

Taeyang then told Seungri, “Did things get resolved well? You kept calling me and asking me to lend you money. You suffered. Your ban on entering the country has finally been removed,” making Seungri bewildered.

The video, which resurfaces every year, is being talked about again in 2022. Netizens who watched this left comments such as “Wow, this gives me goosebumps” and “The members must have known to some extent”.

Meanwhile, Seungri was found guilty for 9 charges, including arranging prostitution in connection with Gangnam Club Burning Sun. The court sentenced Seungri to a year and six months in prison at the appeal trial, considering Seungri‘s admitting to all charges and his reflection. Due to this, Seungri withdrew from BIGBANG and announced his retirement from the entertainment industry.

Recently, T.O.P drew attention by posting a photo of 4 members of BIGBANG excluding Seungri on his personal Instagram.

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