BLACKPINK Jennie’s Astonishing Reaction to Lisa’s Crazy Horse Performance Revealed

Audience members have revealed how Jennie reacted to Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse

BLACKPINK Lisa’s performances at the iconic Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris, France have been the center of attention recently. While there has been a controversy over her performance, there have also been numerous netizens, including those who actually came to watch the show, praising Lisa. Notably, numerous celebrities were in attendance, including fellow BLACKPINK members who came out to support Lisa.

lisa blackpink

Jennie even made a remarkable effort to attend the final night of Liaa’s performance. She went straight to Crazy Horse from the airport upon arriving in Paris.

Security at the Crazy Horse cabaret was stringent, with attendees required to give their phones to prevent photography and spoilers. However, following the end of the final show, accounts from audience members have surfaced. 

Many recounted how Jennie showed immense excitement while watching Lisa, fangirling over her fellow member. Another account revealed that Jennie was totally taken aback and even flustered by Lisa’s bold dance moves and sexy expressions.

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