Still cuts of Kim Tae Hee in her first thriller drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden” revealed

Still cuts of actress Kim Tae Hee, who challenges the thriller genre for the first time through “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, were revealed.

Based on a best-selling novel of the same name, Genie TV’s original series “Lies Hidden in My Garden” is a suspense thriller that tells about two women, who live completely different lives, meeting each other because of the suspicious smell in their backyard.


Stimulating viewers’ curiosity with the mysterious introduction that says “The backyard has the smell of a dead body”, this drama is a new work by ‘hit maker’ director Jung Ji Hyun, whose directing skills gained recognition through “Search: WWW” and “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”. Above all, the casting lineup with trustworthy actors, such as Kim Tae Hee (as Moon Joo Ran), Lim Ji Yeon (as Chu Sang Eun), Kim Sung Oh (as Park Jae Ho), and Choi Jae Rim (as Kim Yoon Beom), heralds the birth of a well-made thriller.

In the meantime, the production team unveiled the first still cuts of Kim Tae Hee, who returns to the small screen for the first time in three years as the main character Joo Ran, drawing attention. In the drama, Kim Tae Hee is expected to show a drastic image transformation as Joo Ran, who lives a dream-like life in a perfect house but gets confused by the dead body smell in her yard. The actress, who has faithfully built her unique filmography by playing various characters, from an evil woman to a desperate mother, since her debut, will challenge her first thriller genre and showcase her expanded acting spectrum once again.


In the released still cuts, Kim Tae Hee shows off her graceful and feminine body figure that everyone admires in an elegant and luxurious house. Kim Tae Hee’s anxious expression despite the ideal background catches the eyes of viewers. In particular, Kim Tae Hee’s trembling eyes and cool expression when looking up the stairs in the house without light give an overwhelming feeling. Kim Tae Hee’s perfect beauty and the tension that is created by her serious facial expressions raised drama fans’ high anticipation for her first thriller performance.


The still cuts also capture the appearance of Kim Tae Hee, who seems to be trying to find the source of the suspicious smell. Viewers pour out questions about the ‘dead body smell’ in the beautiful Kim Tae Hee’s backyard and speculate that “Lies Hidden in My Garden” would become the best mystery drama in 2023.

In this regard, the production team of “Lies Hidden in My Garden” said, “Kim Tae Hee is Joo Ran herself”, adding “She perfectly portrays Joo Ran’s beauty on the outside as well as the complicated emotions and inner anxiety of the character. She also performs delicate and dense acting required to make viewers immersed in the mystery of the ‘dead body smell,’ which is the starting point of all the mysteries in the drama. Following Kim Tae Hee’s nose sensing the smell and trembling pupils, the viewers can enjoy the best suspense and thrills.”

Source: Daum

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