The Lucrative World of Songwriting for BTS: How Much Does a Songwriter Earn?

The success of BTS is also an achievement for songwriters and music producers.

The rise of BTS has greatly benefited the songwriters and music producers behind their chart-topping hits. The rewards for their contributions to BTS’s music are undoubtedly substantial, making songwriting for the group an incredibly lucrative endeavor. 

With a string of hits accumulating billions of streams and continually setting new records for listens and views, BTS’s music not only generates enormous profits for the group but also results in significant royalty payments for the talented team behind their success.

JUNE, a singer-songwriter and former producer under Big Hit Music, is among those who have contributed to BTS’s success. 


He was involved in crafting numerous songs for the group, including notable b-side tracks like “Awake” and “Lost” from the album “Wings.” Particularly, “Not Today” from the album “You Never Walk Alone” in 2017 showcased JUNE’s songwriting prowess.

In a revealing interview on YouTube, JUNE was asked about the monetary value of songwriters’ royalties from BTS’s songs. While he didn’t provide an exact figure, his candid response gave viewers some insight into the potential earnings: “The amount I earned is roughly equivalent to the price of a car.

It’s important to note that JUNE’s statement reflects his personal income rather than a universal benchmark for all songwriters and producers involved in creating BTS’s music. 

The reality is that royalty income varies based on several factors. The popularity and commercial success of a song, among other variables, play a significant role in determining the royalty payments received. 

Furthermore, the individual agreements, contracts, and level of contribution of each songwriter or producer also influence the amount they earn from their involvement in the songwriting process.

Source: Billboard.

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