“Doctor Cha” Uhm Jung Hwa reacts to son and girlfriend’s deep kiss at work

“Doctor Cha” Cha Jung Sook witnessed her son Seo Jung Min kissing his girlfriend Jeon So Ra affectionately.

Episode 13 of JTBC’s “Doctor Cha”, which aired on May 27th, showed Seo Jung Min (Song Ji Ho) and Jeon So Ra (Jo A Ram), who were on the verge of breaking up, reuniting.


Seo Jung Min managed to overcome the medical lawsuit crisis with the help of Roy Kim (Min Woo Hyuk). However, he was upset by the light reactions of fellow doctors, who said “Just think of it as a good experience”, “I’m glad you solved it well”, etc.

Encountering Seo Jung Min in the hospital corridor, Jeon So Ra said, “You look really angry and upset”.


Seo Jung Min then poured out his inner thoughts, saying “Except me, everyone seems to be living well and comfortably. They all comforted me but their words, saying it’s fine, make me feel nervous”.

He continued complaining, “Who’s fine? Are they the only ones who are fine? And isn’t I supposed to be not okay if they’re fine? If they’re fine, of course, I shouldn’t be.”

Hearing Seo Jung Min’s sincere words, Jeon So Ra complimented him, saying “That’s why I like you. You don’t make pathetic excuses or immerse in self-pity. You understand others’ perspectives”.


Afterwards, Jeon So Ra told Seo Jung Min to follow her and they headed to a warehouse in the hospital.

At that time, Cha Jung Sook accidentally saw her son’s back when entering the warehouse so she smiled and followed him.

When Cha Jung Sook opened the warehouse door, she witnessed Seo Jung Min and Jeon So Ra sharing a deep kiss. Therefore, she quickly closed the door. 


Shocked by the affectionate moment of her son and his girlfriend, Cha Jung Sook opened her eyes wide and couldn’t stop looking left and right.

In the end, Cha Jung Sook made everyone burst into laughter when she comforted herself by saying, “They’re only filming an American drama, they’re filming a drama. Oh my, the MZ generation kids”, then left.

Source: Insight

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