K-drama actors who are showing rising potential in 2022 (ft. Kim Hyun Jin, Park Solomon)

2022 is a blossoming year for the Korean small screens, and many new actors have been using these opportunities to shine. 

2022 introduces the audience a huge variety of explosive K-dramas from all sorts of genres. In addition, many new actors have been using these dramas as the launching pad to fame, boasting outstanding talents as well as visuals. Below are some notable new faces on the Korean small screen recently. 

Park Jung Woo (20th Century Girl)

Released on the streaming platform Netflix, the new movie “20th Century Girl”, which features famous actress Kim Yoo Jung and actor Byun Woo Seok, has been gaining attention from fans all around the world. In addition to the leading couple, however, the 2nd male lead, played by Park Jung Woo, has also been the talk of town.

park jung woo 20th century girl

In 20th Century Girl, Park Jung Woo assumes the role of Baek Hyun Jin, the one who lent the male lead his uniform jacket, caused a terrible misunderstanding, and basically prompted all later events in the movie. Despite being a supporting character, however, Park Jung Woo’s screen time run across the entire show, making way for a lot of cute and hilarious moments and adding to the youthful charm of the movie. 

park jung woo

Handsome and good at acting, Jung Woo makes a deep impression on the audience, and his information is quickly brought up by netizens. As it turns out, the actor was born in 1996, entered the entertainment industry 5 years ago, but has been acting for only 2 years. 

At first, the actor was a part of the famous web-series “Love Playlist”, which is now airing its 4th season. Park Jung Woo was a leading character in season 1, 2, and 4. Outside of this web-series, he often plays supporting roles and guest roles in dramas like “Hospital Playlist” season 1 & 2.

park jung woo

Currently, Park Jung Woo is signed under VARO Entertainment, and “20th Century Girl” is his first major project under the agency. With his handsome face, outstanding height, and impressive acting, the actor is expected to lead a bright career in the future. 

Kim Hyun Jin (Cheer Up)

Alongside “20th Century Girl”, another youth drama has also been making grounds among K-drama lovers, and it is none other than “Cheer Up”. Although the series did record high viewerships, its topicality is extremely high, and the cast members have been receiving a lot of attention, particularly Kim Hyun Jin, who is behind the 2nd male lead. 

cheer up

In “Cheer Up”, Kim Hyun Jin assumes the role of the female lead’s rich and handsome friend Jin Sun Ho. Despite his background, he’s always friendly and never distances himself from others. He also boasts the most gorgeous smile and kind demeanor that can rob heart wherever he goes.  

kim hyun jin cheer up

Kim Hyun Jin joined YG KPlus as a model in 2015. He only started acting as an adult 2 years ago, and has since participated in many projects like “Peng”, “Sugar Coating”, “Can You Deliver Time?”…

Back when he was 12 years old, Kim Hyun Jin used to play a small role in “Aeja’s Older Sister, Minja”, but decided to focus on studies instead of becoming a child actor. 

kim hyun jin cheer up

While Kim Hyun Jin is not yet playing leading roles, he has been receiving an insurmountable amount of love with his “boy-next-door” charm and talent. 

Park Solomon (All Of Us Are Dead)

Back in early 2022, when the zombie drama “All Of Us Are Dead” was first released, one of the most heated topics at the time was actor Park Solomon, who played a supporting role. In the series, Solomon played the role of Soo Hyuk, and flaunts a top-notch appearance as well as eye-catching action sequences. 

The more “All Of Us Are Dead” goes on, the deeper the impression Park Solomon’s character makes. In addition, his romance with the class representative played by Cho Yi Hyun also made for an intriguing plot line. 

While he was first known through “All Of Us Are Dead”, Park Solomon has participated in a fair share of projects before, including “Bride of the Century”, “Sweet Revenge”, and “The Doctors”. He has even starred in the Chinese adaptation of the webtoon “Lookism” .

Bae Hyun Sung (Our Blues)

Another notable new actor of 2022 is none other than Bae Hyun Sung, who drew attention after his appearance in the K-drama “Our Blues”. Despite being a rookie among A-list actors, Bae Hyun Sung still managed to shine in his own way, and earn a lot of love from viewers. 

Our Blues

In particular, Bae Hyun Sung’s character is praised for being responsible, protective, and loving towards his girlfriend when she accidentally got pregnant. 

“Our Blues” is also not the first acting project of Bae Hyun Sung, as the actor has been appearing in films and dramas since 4 years ago. It was only after this omnibus series, however, that he managed to rise to fame. 

Bae Hyun-sung

With his natural acting performance and dashing visuals, Bae Hyun Sung is expected to follow the steps of young actors like Lee Do Hyun, Song Kang, Ahn Hyo Seop, and more. He is also rumored to be the male lead in an upcoming K-drama, starring alongside senior actress Kim Hye Soo.

Source: dienanh

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