YG in the first half of 2022: A lot of things in his head due to Jennie’s scandal and Yang Hyun-suk’s risk

YG Entertainment has a lot to think about in the first half of 2022.

YG Entertainment has a lot to think about in the first half of 2022. BLACKPINK, who has shown no group activity for quite a while and is slowing down on personal schedule as well, has been quiet due to Jennie‘s sudden breakup and dating issues, and former CEO Yang Hyun-suk is in the midst of a long and exhausting trial regarding his past relationship with Han Seo-hee. 

As YG Entertainment failed to avoid the modifier “earning shock” with sales of 77.2 billion won and operating profit of 6.4 billion won in the fourth quarter of 2021, the activities of its key artists seem to be more than necessary. BLACKPINK’s full album comeback in the second half of this year seems to be essential, while WINNER and TREASURE’s achievements are also needed. 

◆ Jennie’s scandal has only confirmed her tremendous presence

The keyword ‘Jennie’s Love Transfer’ was a huge gossip issue among K-pop fans in and out of Korea as the related opponents are BTS V and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. Jennie and V are rumored to be seen by someone as they were enjoying a trip together in Jeju Island. Naturally, people began to question the relationship between Jennie and G-Dragon, who were also embroiled in a dating rumor earlier. Coincidentally, G-Dragon uploaded an image of his swearing finger to his Instagram profile, and the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram.


Different claims about whether the story was legit or not started pouring in. Fans started to check whether the photos were synthesized, as well as track the time when V was doing the “BTS Dinner” content and match the name and date of the airplane he rode (including the claims from witnesses).


In fact, Jennie’s reaction seemed to be very calm during her official appearances and on her Instagram updates. She smiled brightly at the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday and the 70th anniversary of her enthronement at the British Embassy in Seoul. G-Dragon has not appeared on air since and V received no question that falls outside the scope of BTS team activities. Big Hit, which was eager to promote the BTS team’s activities as well as YG, which does not respond thoroughly to issues regarding its artists’ private life, has yet to answer the issue of V and Jennie’s romantic relationship.

The Jennie scandal was a hot issue that aroused the keen interest of Korean netizens as well as domestic and foreign K-Pop fandoms who are always interested in idol’s private life. This confirmed how much Jennie is a global star and how BLACKPINK’s comeback has become important in many ways to YG.


◆ Yang Hyun-suk’s trial, a tunnel that still feels far away

Former CEO Yang Hyun-suk‘s recent public appearance is becoming the Seoul Central District Court. The number of witness interrogations continues to increase and even the trial time is getting longer, making it even more painful. The trial on charges of violating the law on aggravated punishment of certain crimes (threatening retaliation), which is being held by the Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Division 23, is surrounding the threatening remarks made by former CEO Yang Hyun-suk in former iKON member B.I’s drug case.

The content of the cross-examination between the lawyer and Han Seo-hee, which is almost like a comedy, made the audience snort. Han Seo-hee’s rough words towards former CEO Yang Hyun-suk were absurd.

It took more than 2 hours to confirm the testimony of Han Seo-hee, who claimed that she was called by the defendant A (former Big Bang manager), drove to YG’s office building and received retaliatory threats from Yang Hyun-suk. Yang Hyun-suk’s lawyer thoroughly investigated questions about Han Seo-hee’s actions at the time. Han Seo-hee refuted that her claim was correct, but thoroughly avoided making unfavorable statements.

Yang Hyun Suk

The court still tilted their head, replying, “Since the situation at the time does not seem to be properly revealed, please submit photos or videos from the defendant’s side regarding the bathroom’s structure or internal situation.”

In an atmosphere where Han Seo-hee was asked to look at the case’s essence, the prosecution said that unnecessary questions should be refrained, and Yang Hyun-suk’s lawyer emphasized the need to guarantee the defendant’s right to defend, it was pointed out the court should refrain from giving back and forth testimonies to Han Seo-hee and refuting questions to Yang Hyun-suk’s lawyer.

At present, the court’s grievances are bound to deepen. The difference between the two sides’ positions is so big that it is very difficult to judge the credibility of the submitted evidence. In the meantime, it is impossible to overlook the claims of rights that both sides are appealing from their respective positions, so there is a sense that witness interrogations may end up in the mountain, let alone reach a proper trial conclusion. The witness examination does not end here. There are already 3 more witness interrogations expected. It seems that it will take some time for a conclusion to be reached.

Source: StarMT

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