BLACKPINK Jennie appeared in public for the 1st time after dating rumor with BTS V at Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday celebration

Jennie’s first in-person appearance amid dating rumors with BTS’s V especially drew attention. 

On May 26, 4 BLACKPINK members attended Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday event at the British Embassy in Korea. This is BLACKPINK’s first full-group event attendance in quite some time. 

BLACKPINK immediately made headlines with their appearance at the celebration. The members were all dressed in elegant outfits and boasted sophisticated beauty. Attention was especially paid to Jennie, who is currently embroiled in dating rumors with BTS’s V. Notably, Jennie has dyed her hair from peachy orange to brown. Jisoo’s graceful visuals with black hair also stood out. Rosé showed off her mid-length haircut for the first time at an event. Lisa stunned as always with a blonde bob hairstyle. 

It’s been a long time since fans last saw all 4 BLACKPINK members attending an event together. 
BLACKPINK gave a speech at Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday party. The members showed off their elegant visuals in a formal event. 
Jennie’s 1st event amid dating rumors drew attention. As of this moment, both V and Jennie’s agencies still remain silent. 
blackpink jennie
Jennie debuted a new hair color at the event. She is no longer ginger. A close-up shot shows Jennie’s cute “dumpling” cheeks. 
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo’s goddess-like visuals never disappoint. While all the members had brightly dyed hair, Jisoo stood out in her own way and looked gorgeous with black hair and a simple outfit. 
blackpink rosé
Rosé recently cut her hair for the first time since debut, giving her a fresh new look. Fans say with this hairstyle and outfit, Rosé looks like a lawyer. 
blackpink lisa
Lisa impresses with her doll-like face and sharp features. Although her blonde hair looks damaged and shows black roots, Lisa is still pretty. 
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