The surprising reason why there are so many Korean female celebrities have the surname “Han”

This is why many Korean beauties have the surname “Han”.

It is true that many female stars in the Korean entertainment industry indeed have the surname “Han”. People also used “Han beauties” to name all female celebrities with the surname “Han”. Most of them made their debut in the entertainment industry 10 years ago and have been active in the broadcasting and film industries, creating “The Hans Chronicles”. They have led the Korean Wave craze of the domestic entertainment industry. Now that most of them are already in their 30s and 40s, they show off much more mature sides, playing the role of the back supporters in the entertainment industry.

Han” can be the real surname of some stars, but some just use “Han” for their stage names. Why are there so many celebrities who choose the last name “Han” for their stage names? “Park”, “Lee”, and “Kim” are also common surnames, but why do they prefer “Han”? 

People in the entertainment industry said that celebs prefer to use “Han” for their stage names because it sounds good.

Fortune tellers explained that this is because the letter “Han (한)” brings good luck to celebrities. If a celebrity’s name has “ㅇ”, it is already a nice one. However, if “H (ㅎ)” is included, it would add more impact for the name. Therefore, “Han (한)”, “Ha (하)”, and “Heo (허)” are not common surnames, but they are often seen in the names of entertainment stars.

Especially in the case of “Han”, the final consonant “n (ㄴ)” has a soft and comfortable pronunciation, so it can make a balance when being combined with “H (ㅎ)”, which has a strong pronunciation. Therefore, “Han” is said to be suitable for the name of female celebrities.

Recently, an article was posted on the online community FM Korea, comparing the beauty of female celebrities with “Han” as their real surname and female celebrities with “Han” as their stage names.

◆ Female celebrities with “Han” as their real surname

Han Go-eun

Han Hye-jin

Han Ji-min

Han Hyo-joo

◆ Female celebrities with “Han” as their stage names

Han Chae-young (real name Kim Ji-young)

Han Ye-seul (real name Kim Ye Seul-yi)

Han Ga-in (real name Kim Hyun-joo)

Han Chae-ah (real name Kim Seo-hyun)

Han So-hee (real name Lee So-hee)


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