Jang Nara showed affection with 6-year-younger husband in new photo, but her wedding was actually chaotic?

Actor Jang Seongwon revealed a behind the scenes episode of the wedding of his younger sister, famous actress Jang Nara.

On the afternoon of June 29th, Jang Nara‘s older brother Jang Seongwon posted a picture on his Instagram.

In the published photo, Jang Seongwon can be seen attending the wedding of his younger sister Jang Nara and taking a commemorative photo of the whole family together. Jang Nara, in particular, is smiling brightly with arms tightly latched with her groom’s, while Jang Seongwon and the two’s parents also boast the brightest expression. The family dog, which is tenderly held by Jang Seongwon and dressed in a pet tuxedo, is also featured, drawing attention. 

Attached with the photo, Jang Seongwon wrote the caption: “A written review of my sister’s wedding at home! Everyone was sporting the same bright expression in this commemorative photo, but in the middle of the wedding venue, they quarreled about what they didn’t like. Still one of the best families though^^~♡ Puppy in a tuxedo is really cute ^^ #newfamily #familyphotography #congratulatorymarriage #newbeginning #cutedog #mybaby #photographing.”

Meanwhile, Jang Seongwon’s younger sister, famous actress Jang Nara recently married a cinematographer who is 6 years younger on June 26th

The wedding attracted huge attention from the media, and boasted an outstanding guest list including CNBLUE Yong Hwa, Lee Sang Yoon, Jung Tae Woo, and more. 

Source: Nate

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