Netizens selected 4 female Kpop idols who represent the visuals of 4th gen girlgroups

As Kpop’s 4th generation is on the rise, we also welcome a new generation of visual goddesses. 

Recently, a topic on Pann has asked netizens to select female Kpop idols with the most flawless visuals in the 4th generation, and below are the top 4 beauties that have made the list. 

1. Jang Won Young – IVE

Ever since appearing in the survival show “Produce 48” and debuting in IZ*ONE, Jang Won Young has always been the talk town with her perfect physique and youthful appearance. The idol’s legs are a whooping 3’3ft long, and she’s still growing.  

After her re-debut with IVE, Jang Won Young has only gotten more popular, with a more mature and sophisticated face that gives off chic vibes. All of these lead Won Young to become Kpop’s “next visual goddess”, and earn her multiple commercial and ambassador deals for high-end brands.  

Jang Wonyoung-IVE
Netizens were visual-shocked when Won Young first debuted with IZ*ONE. 
Jang Wonyoung-Bvlgari
As the new “visual goddess”, Jang Won Young is the muse for many famous brands. 

2. Sullyoon (NMIXX) 

Like Won Young, NMIXX’s Sullyoon has also received plenty of praise since her debut. With a small face, large eyes, and snow-white skin, Sullyoon is regarded as the perfect combination of Miss A’s Suzy and TWICE’s Tzuyu. Despite having little activities for now, fans believe that this idol will only continue to get bigger in the future. 

Sullyoon’s fairy-like visuals
No matter what angle you’re looking at, there’s no flaw on this face! 
NMIXX Sullyoon
Daily life photos only serve to further highlight this idol’s beauty. 

3. Yuna (ITZY)

Third in the list is another idol from JYP Entertainment, and none other than ITZY’s Yuna. Since her debut at the age of 15, the idol has attracted ample attention for her incredible looks. 


In particular, Yuna has a small face, large dear eyes, and a smile so gorgeous it radiates light. Her hourglass body proportion was also all the rage in Korea, earning her the title of “body queen”. However, recent images of Yuna on stage have greatly concerned netizes. The idol is so paper thin that her ribs are showing. 

Yuna’s gorgeousness completely swoons the public.
The idol has a perfect hourglass body. 
However, her recent paper-thin images are drawing concerns. 

4. Winter (aespa) 

The final name on this list of beauties is the lead vocalist of aespa, Winter. The female idol is often praised for looking like a whole princess who exudes elegance, and yet still looks cute. However, reactions to Winter’s beauty are somewhat mixed, with some finding her looks “basic”, and comparing her to SNSD’s Taeyeon, ENHYPHEN’s Sunoo, and NU’EST’s Minhyun. 

Winter, while praised for her princess-like appearance, is also considered to be basic.
The idol’s appearance receives mixed reactions from netizens. 
Winter shares some similar features with SNSD’s Taeyeon
Winter (aespa) - Sunoo (ENHYPEN)
Netizens also said she reminds them of ENHYPHEN’s Sunoo. 

Source: Pann

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