“Again My Life” has been evaluated as the best drama in Lee Joon-ki’s career

Thanks to actor Lee Joon-ki’s enthusiastic performance, the ratings of the drama “Again My Life” are rising rapidly.

As the SBS drama “Again My Life“, which is Lee Joon-ki‘s return to the acting industry after two years, is drawing attention, the ratings of its episode 6, which aired on April 23rd, is currently a hot topic. The 6th episode of “Again My Life” achieved an average rating of 8.5% nationwide based on Nielsen Korea, and the highest moment rating rose to 10.9%, ranking first in the same time slot.

Again My Life

“Again My Life,” which announced its first broadcast on April 8th, achieved a 5.8% viewer rating, a lower record than the current one. In addition, according to Good Data Corporation, a TV topic analysis agency, Lee Joon-ki, the male lead of “Again My Life,” topped the chart of drama stars in the third week of April. Lee Joon-ki proved his potential by playing the role of Kim Hee-woo, capturing both the rating and trend at the same time.

Again My Life

In the drama, Lee Joon-ki perfectly portrays the role of a prosecutor who returned after being unjustly killed 15 years ago and lived his second life, raising the fun of the drama. Lee Joon-ki also attracted attention by showing his delicate emotional acting, boasting his 20-year experience. Viewers are praising “Again My Life,” saying, “A new best role of Lee Joon-ki’s career has been born.”

Again My Life

Attention is focusing on how far the ratings of “Again My Life,” which still continues to gain popularity, will rise. Meanwhile, Lee Joon-ki stepped into stardom through his role in the 2005 film “The King and the Clown” and created a “Lee Joon-ki syndrome.

Since then, Lee Joon-ki has established himself by playing various roles, becoming an irreplaceable actor in the industry.

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