How did Lee Joon Gi save “Again My Life”, a drama that started with a rating of only 5%? 

Lee Joon Gi has once again proved the power of a trustworthy actor. 

In SBS’s Friday-Saturday revenge drama “Again My Life”, Lee Joon Gi successfully transforms into Kim Hee Woo, a talented prosecutor who gets to travel back to 15 years ago and lives his life for the second time after suffering an unjust death. “Again My Life” is gaining great popularity and garnering positive reviews thanks to its compelling storyline and the phenomenal acting of the cast, especially Lee Joon Gi. 

Lee Jun Ki

Not only does Lee Joon Gi delicately portray the character’s emotions with his expressive eyes, but he also enhances the drama’s quality by directly performing high-intensity and high-level action sequences without the help of a stunt double. In addition, the strong chemistry between the characters that transcends generations and genders is absolutely refreshing and fun to watch. On top of that, how the story and its spiraling developments play with the mind is maximizing viewers’ immersion into the drama as they begin full-fledged work to break down the links of evil surrounding the main antagonist Cho Tae Seob (Lee Kyung Young).

Lee Jun Ki

In particular, when Kim Hee Woo meets his parents again in his second life, Lee Joon Gi’s complex emotional acting overflowing with affection and longing can easily make the viewers tear up. How Lee Joon Gi details the emotions of Kim Hee Woo that change according to the situation truly shows how brilliant his acting is. 

Lee Jun Ki

Thanks to Lee Joon Gi’s captivating portrayal, episode 6 of “Again My Life” recorded a viewership rating of 8.4% in the Seoul metropolitan area, 8.5% nationwide, and peaked at 10.9% in real-time, according to Nielsen Korea. Not only does “Again My Life” earn good ratings, but the drama also generates much buzz online. Based on results published by Good Data, Lee Joon Gi took first place in the ranking of most buzzworthy drama TV actors, with “Again My Life” being crowned the 4th most buzzworthy drama for the 3rd week of April. 

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Joon Gi made his name known to the public by sweeping awards at various film festivals, creating a syndrome with his excellent performance in the 2005 critically acclaimed film “The King & The Clown”. Since then, Lee Joon Gi’s filmography has been colorfully filled with his unlimited acting transformations and challenges across genres such as historical, romance, action, melodrama, mystery, and thriller. Known as a passionate and hardworking actor who always gives his best in every role, Lee Joon Gi has drawn attention to every drama he stars in with his solid acting skills that double the character’s charm, and stood out as an irreplaceable, trustworthy actor.

Among them, his comeback drama “Again My Life” has been receiving much praise and going viral in Korea since its first broadcast, breaking its own highest ratings every week.

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