Current whereabouts of the male idol who got kicked out for saying he wanted to “vomit” because of fans 

This K-pop trainee had to give up his dream of becoming an idol due to his disrespectful claim against his own fans.

Debuting as an idol is the dream of many trainees after years of hard work. This is shown more clearly in survival reality TV shows where trainees undergo fierce competition with each other every day for an opportunity to debut. However, by disrespecting fans, there are trainees who lost their chance to debut.

In 2016, trainee Lee Hwayoung participated in the survival show “BOYS 24” for a chance debut in the boy group IN2IT.  During this time, “BOYS 24” held fan meetings where the trainees could interact with fans through Hi-Touch.

Lee Hwayoung
Lee Hwayoung participated in “BOYS 24” in 2016

Lee Hwayoung was later “exposed” by his ex-girlfriend for saying bad things about his fans behind their backs. In a leaked recording, Lee Hwayoung used insulting words to describe his fans, saying that interacting with many fans during Hi-Touch made him “want to vomit” and that the fans’ breath smelled disgusting. 

Lee Hwayoung told his ex-girlfriend, “I like to be called oppa but not by fans. It’s really annoying having to do Hi-Touch. Every day I had to hold hands with about 700-800 people and felt like I was about to vomit. Their breath smells like s***.”

This controversial recording was posted on YouTube 6 years ago, attracting attention across social media. 
Lee Hwayoung
Acting happily while holding fans’ hands, Lee Hwayoung insulted them to his girlfriend 

After the controversy, Mnet and CJ ENM posted a notice of apology to fans and announced that Lee Hwayoung had been removed from BOYS 24. Since then, Lee Hwayoung has been quite low-key but still regularly uploads cover videos on his personal YouTube channel. In addition, he is also active in doing gaming live broadcasts. 

Lee Hwayoung is no longer active in the entertainment industry but still uploads cover videos on his personal YouTube channel
Lee Hwayoung
Before debuting, Lee Hwayoung had to end his dream of becoming an idol because he didn’t respect fans

Source: Koreaboo. 

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