This male singer was a model student who made the school hold an emergency meeting when he said he wanted to pursue singing

Netizens recently brought up the pre-debut anecdote of Super Junior’s youngest member Kyu Hyun.

Before making his debut as a member of Super Junior, Kyu Hyun was known as a model student. 

Kyu Hyun was the son of a math academy’s director, and people often praised him as an “eomchina” (a word to refer to an outstanding person whom parents often compare their own child to). He even received the Minister’s Award for Mathematics for ranking in the Top 5% of the CSAT exam.

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Regarding his school days, Kyu Hyun shared, “I was only good at math”. According to Kyu Hyun’s story, when his school knew that he wanted to become a singer, they even held an emergency meeting to discuss a plan in case they lost a model student.

At that time, Kyu Hyun asked his teacher for permission to attend a ‘two nights three days’ music festival held 3 months before the college entrance exam. Revealing his teacher’s reaction, Kyu Hyun said, “My teacher allowed me to join the music festival and said, ‘I don’t want your studying to block your future’, adding ‘But you have to focus on studying after coming back from the festival’.”

super junior kyuhyun

Meanwhile, Kyu Hyun debuted as a member of Super Junior in 2005 and gained huge love from Korean and overseas fans through the group promotions of hit songs, such as “SORRY SORRY”, “Mr. Simple”, “Devil”, “Black Suit”, etc. In addition, he has also proven his singing skills through solo songs, such as “At Gwanghwamun”, “A Million Pieces”, “Goodbye for now”, “Aewol-ri”, etc.

super junior kyuhyun

On January 4th, Super Junior Kyu Hyun drew attention as he was announced as an MC for Netflix’s new reality entertainment program “19/20” together with actress Kim Ji Eun and AKMU Lee Su Hyun.

super junior kyuhyun

Source: Daum

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