Jennie reveals the food she always puts inside her bag, “I eat this at home and even when I’m working”

Jennie, a member of the group BLACKPINK, revealed a food that makes you feel good when you eat it.

Recently, a video of Jennie’s interview was posted on Elle’s official YouTube channel.

When asked when she felt the strongest, Jennie said, “I am the most powerful when promoting as Blackpink,” and “Having my girls by my side and doing what we love, performing on stage, interacting with fans.

Blackpink Jennie

Regarding the most impressive piece of advice she heard while promoting, she said, “Well I’ve gotten a lot of advices in my life but recently, I’m gonna go with it’s okay to slow down and take your time.

Jennie said that her mother was her biggest driving force. Jennie said, “Number one cheerleader of all time is my mom, of course. And I think the girls. We love supporting each other and like always rooting for what they’ve got going on in their lives.”

Also, as the food that makes her feel most comfortable, she confessed, “Nurungji. So I carry my own nurungji in my suitcase everywhere I go. So I could eat it while I’m traveling or at work or at home. So I have it in my bag pretty much every day.

She mentioned her family, friends and fans as the three most precious things in her life.

Finally, Jennie talked about herself that people don’t know about, saying, “I get really shy when I’m speaking English and when I’m doing interviews. I don’t think people realiz like how nervous I am insider and like I’m actually literally shaking inside. But yeah, try to keep it cool.

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