The first teaser video of Lisa’s solo debut has been released: Sexy, breathtaking, and excellent!

Lisa attracted great attention for her sexy vibe in the first teaser. Fans are raising high expectations for her explosive solo debut!

At 00:00 on August 28, BLACKPINK Lisa has just released the first teaser video for her debut solo album “LALISA”. During the 27-second teaser, Lisa was lying on the roof being surrounded by continuous lightning and thunder.

Lisa exploded her sexiness in just 27 seconds of the teaser. Her concept has been revealed little by little, and it is expected to slay with full sexiness! The dark night could not hide Lisa’s sexy body figures and her sassy vibe, catching the eyes of all the fans.

Everyone has fallen in love with the maknae of BLACKPINK:

  • Oh my god, i’m in love!
  • LALISA is not just an album, it’s a cultural reproduction, it’s the oxygen you breathe.
  • She hit me right in the heart.
  • The teaser is so cool!!!!
  • Oh Lisa’s body is top-notch, her posing kill me :((.
  • It is expected that this article will not be for those who are afraid of lightning.
  • She climbs to the top and she is the queen!

Lisa will officially make her solo debut on September 10. The next teaser promises to continue to be revealed in the coming days.


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