A Chinese dancer was harassed when covering aespa’s hit in Times Square

Yingqi – a member of the group 404 Dance Crew – was harassed while with the group performing aespa’s Next Level in Times Square (New York, USA).

On June 22, according to Newsen, the fact that a female artist was harassed while performing aespa’s new hit ‘Next Level’ on the street caused anger on social networks.  The incident happened in Times Square in New York (USA).

In the video recorded by passersby, the audience clearly saw a man approaching from behind and sexually harassing Yingqi – a member of the 404 Dance Crew – while she was dancing with her teammates.


Yingqi, 404 Dance Crew (@/yingqi_zhou) said she was hurt reading the comments. Learn more link in BIO. #nextlevel #nyc #kpopdancecover

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Before committing the wrongdoing, this man watched the dance group for quite a while.  Although trying to stay calm so as not to affect the group’s performance, Yingqi clearly showed fear on her face.

On her personal page, Yingqi thinks she deserves an apology.  Since her dance group made the clip public, there have been many malicious comments aimed at the female dancer.  Some people even agree with the rude behavior of the strange man.  Besides, many people frankly condemned the man’s sexual harassment behavior and supported Yingqi.

“I should say something about this stupid thing that happened a few days before. We are a group of people who love dancing, and we always gather together to do the dance cover video shoot. We want to convey happiness and a positive attitude towards life through dancing. Dance, like music, knows no borders. We’re doing what we love. We don’t even dance for a living, just for the sheer joy of it, also for people who love our dance covers to see us grow. Over a dozen dance cover shots, ppl have witnessed our growth, and we are also improving ourselves according to people’s comments and suggestions. I think this is what every dancer and everyone who loves life will do and deserves praise.”

Watch 404 Dance Crew’s performance here:

The female dancer confirmed that she was sexually harassed.  Yingqi said she was very scared but still tried to be normal so as not to affect the group.  The 404 Dance Crew member said the whole wrongdoing of the strange man made her feel horrible every time she watched it.

Yingqi believes that anyone can become a victim like her.  They deserve sympathy and comfort from friends and the community instead of ridicule or malicious comments.

The dancer said she has great affection for New York but hopes this city will soon have policies to protect people.

“No one has any right, under any circumstances, to engage in such vulgar and disgusting acts of sexual harassment against anyone. It’s not just about Asian people. It’s not just about women. Basic morals should protect every girl, every boy, every woman, every man, every race. I love New York because of its diversity. The city has its personality; also filled with my good memories. I don’t want these offensive people to ruin my passion. Every New Yorker from around the world has an obligation to protect this wonderful city. Also, the city should protect everyone who is trying to make a better life here. I am Chinese; please stop Asian hate. I am a person who lives in the world; PLEASE STOP HATE.”


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