Victim A claims “Nam Joo Hyuk forced me to do the kick”, disclosing school violence video for the first time

A, who claimed of being bullied by actor Nam Joo Hyuk in the past, released a video of him being forced to spar with his classmate in school.

On April 26th, reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho released the sparring video he obtained from A on his Youtube channel.


The video shows A sparring with a male student in the classroom. Watching the scene, other students give instructions to A, saying ‘Do the kick! Kick him’, and A fell after kicking in the air. Everyone around burst into laughter and ridiculed A.

According to Lee Jin Ho, A explained, “I really didn’t want to do it, but I was forced to. If I didn’t show any special skills or do anything things to entertain them, I had to continue sparring. That’s why I just kicked the air and finished it.”


Lee Jin Ho said, “It remains debatable whether Nam Joo Hyuk was in that group of male students. The victim claimed that Nam Joo Hyuk did present at the scene and his voice could even be heard, however, Nam Joo Hyuk’s side argued that the actor was not at the sparring scene.”

Earlier in June last year, A raised school violence suspicions against actor Nam Joo Hyuk through a media outlet. 

nam joo hyuk

At that time, A claimed, “If I refused Nam Joo Hyuk’s request, he called someone to fight with me and made me spar with them. Nam Joo Hyuk and his group stood in a circle on one side of the classroom to make a ring where I had to fight an unwanted opponent”.

In this regard, Nam Joo Hyuk’s side stated that the claim was “groundless”. In fact, the actor even had interviews with his friends through an entertainment media outlet, and expressed his unfairness, saying he was falsely accused of school violence.

Source: Wikitree 

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