Lee Do Hyun made a surprise appearance at Nautilus’ concert?

Actor Lee Do Hyun showed his support for singer Nautilus, who successfully held a solo concert.

On April 15th, Nautilus wrapped up the “2023 Nautilus Concert My Story Ep.1 – Tae Soo (泰秀)”, which was held at Hyundai Card Understage, where he presented a medley of spring-themed masterpieces.

As the curtain rose for the concert, cheers erupted on-site. Most notably, actor Lee Do Hyun from the hit drama “The Glory” sent a congratulatory message through a video, surprising everyone.

2023 Nautilus Concert

In the video, Lee Do Hyun said, “Nautilus, fighting,” and sent energetic support, adding excitement to the scene.

Following this, Nautilus sang the ballad “If” and recharged the audience. Then, he continued by delivering a series of masterpieces such as “To You”, “Sad Ending”, “Sorry” and “Finally”, stirring the venue with emotion.

For the audience attending his solo concert Tae Soo Nautilus also prepared special performances of “Event Horizon” and “Like It”, leading the crowd to sing along with high-quality live performances on par with the original songs.

Lee Do Hyun

At the same time, Nautilus presented a feast for the ears with a colorful stage lineup and raised the audience’s heartbeats with romantic songs suitable for spring.

This solo concert also unveiled the stage of Nautilus’s new song “The Day”, captivating the audience’s taste. The track seemed to convey the feelings of a loving couple, announcing the birth of another spring song that will take its place in this spring’s playlist.

Source: Naver 

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