Jessi took photos with her mom in revealing swimsuit, everyone is amazed

On March 16th, Jessi posted several photos on Instagram with the caption, “If you need peace of mind, here’s a piece of mine. Love you mommy.” Jessi was visiting Phuket, Thailand, with her mother for relaxation.


In the photos, Jessi and her mother are posing in swimsuits with the sea in the background, at the same time holding hands and looking at each other with loving eyes. 

On the other hand, Jessi’s mother flaunted an unbelievably perfect figure for her age, catching the attention. The two not only resemble each other in appearance but also have similarly stunning healthy physiques, surprising viewers. Jessi’s mother is 65 years old this year, while Jessi is 36, making for an age difference of 29 years.


Seeing the photos, netizens also left comments such as, “Her mother looks so young”, “Is she really her mom?”, “Such a beautiful mother and daughter”, “Both are so hot”, and “Touching.”

Meanwhile, Instagram’s official account also conveys their emotion by saying, “Unconditional love♥” under the comment section.

In addition, Jessi’s mother touched the hearts of audiences by saying, “I love you, Hyun Ju (Jessi’s real name). Mom always supports you. Fighting”.


In the past, Jessi appeared on SBS’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere” and introduced her mother’s unique style. “My mom is even more daring than me”, the rapper said, even invoking laughter by adding, “My mom sometimes buys me underwear, and she chooses the most provocative ones. When she sees my music videos, she says, ‘It’s not as provocative as I thought’. She even advised me to show more of my butt like Cardi B and Beyoncé.”


Jessi’s mother often shows extraordinary love for her children by sharing photos of Jessi and her siblings on Instagram. In particular, she actively communicates with Jessi’s fans by posting on-site photos taken while accompanying Jessi on her performance schedule.


Meanwhile, Jessi has been active without an agency since her contract with P Nation expired last July. She is meeting fans through overseas tours and other events.

Source: wikitree

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