Looking back on the career of “Little Kim Tae-hee” T-Ara Jiyeon, who is going to get married this year

Jiyeon is an all-rounder idol who can do well in many different fields.


T-ARA is the girl group that made great hits every time they released an album and led the retro craze worldwide with “Roly Poly”.

T-ara Jiyeon

Among T-Ara members, maknae Jiyeon is one of the most famous entertainers who has been active in various fields beyond the spectrum of a singer and actress.

T-ara Jiyeon

Let’s look back on the career of Jiyeon, who has just delivered “surprise” news after turning 30 in 2022.

T-ara Jiyeon

Jiyeon is a veteran star who has been in the entertainment industry for 14 years, which is considered a long time compared to her age.

T-ara Jiyeon

She officially debuted as a member of T-Ara in 2009, then has also been active in commercials and dramas.

She began her acting career by playing supporting roles in dramas, such as “Marriage Clinic: Love & War”, “Hello! My Lady”, etc.

T-ara Jiyeon

Jiyeon, who made her face be widely known to the public while carrying out promotions in the group called SeeDaJi(SeeYa, Davichi, Jiyeon), received keen attention as she was named “2nd Kim Tae-hee”.

During her debut days, Jiyeon often appeared on variety shows with a cute image and also boasted her chemistry with IU when joining “Heroes”.

Appearing in drama “God of Study”, she captivated the hearts of many male student fans with her famous line “Husband~”.

During that time, she also filmed a popular cellphone advertisement with Yoon Si-yoon.

T-ara Jiyeon

Despite having a feminine and cute image, Jiyeon actually has an unexpected skill. That is Taekwondo! Jiyeon, who is confirmed with Taekwondo Level 3, said she once dreamed of becoming an athlete.

T-ara Jiyeon

Apart from her gorgeous appearance, Jiyeon’s acting skills have been recognized as she got cast for the main role in more than 15 works.

T-ara Jiyeon

Moreover, she has also proved her singing skills by debuting as a soloist and participating in various OSTs.

Jiyeon is also famous for her dancing skill as choreographer Bae Yoon-jung picked her as the best idol dancer.

Jiyeon recently drew attention not because of dating news but her marriage announcement.

T-ara Jiyeon

She surprised everyone by revealing that he was preparing for her wedding with baseball player Hwang Jae-gyun! The couple will hold their wedding after Hwang Jae-gyun finished the 2022 KBO Season.

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