Legs bent forward, this actress showed an extremely scary and bizarre pose

Actress Choi Yeo Jin posted a jaw-dropping video in celebration of Halloween. 

On October 28th, Choi Yeo Jin posted a video on her Instagram along with the caption, “Happy Halloween. Watch it till the end”. 

choi yeo jin instagram halloween

The published video shows Choi Yeo Jin dressed up as a witch with a purple cone hat and wearing dark makeup. She also showed an intense expression which easily drew eyes.

However, by the end of the video, viewers are taken by surprise as the actress made a scary and bizarre pose with both of her legs bent forward like a spider.

choi yeo jin instagram halloween

As it turns out, the legs were not Choi Yeo Jin’s but of another woman, making everyone feel relieved. 

Seeing this, netizens left fascinated comments such as “Aww, I’m surprised”, “I was totally taken aback”, “I thought I was seeing a spider woman”, and “Awesome”.

choi yeo jin instagram halloween

Choi Yeo Jin recently appeared on the SBS program “Love Goes Straight” (literal translation) and successfully matched with chef and broadcaster Austin Kang as a couple. 

Source: wikitree

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