This actress, who is known as “EXO Suho’s schoolmate”, raised her hand at every event and talent show during her school days

Actress Im Ji-yeon impresses many netizens with her easy-going and sociable personality, which is contrary to her innocent appearance.

Let’s take a look at Im Ji-yeon’s childhood and her career in the entertainment industry!

Im Ji-yeon is said to have owned a soft and lovely appearance with white skin when she was young but grew up as an unruly girl together with her little brother. 

lim ji yeon

In an interview, the actress confessed that she was always the first person to raise her hand whenever there were events, such as retreats and talent shows, at school and participated in all kinds of social events. Seems like Im Ji-yeon has proved that she is born to stand in front of people since her childhood.

Lim Ji Yeon

Influenced by her mother, who liked to watch plays and musicals, Im Ji-yeon developed a dream of becoming an actress but failed to go to a middle school and high school of arts because of the opposition from her family. However, she persuaded her parents to let her prepare for the entrance exam of the Korea National University of Arts.

lim ji yeon

In the end, Im Ji-yeon successfully got accepted to the Department of Acting at the Korea National University of Arts with an excellent CSAT grade and gained various experiences while studying at school. It is said that her experience with short films at school helped her a lot in adapting to the filmings when she was a rookie. 

lim ji yeon

Graduating from Class 09 of the Korea National University of Arts, Im Ji-yeon also boasted extraordinary friendships with many “schoolmate” celebrities, such as Lee Yoo-young, Lee Sang-eun, and EXO Suho. Appearing together on SBS’s travel reality program “If I Go Once”, they shared memories of their school days. 

lim ji yeon

In particular, best friend Lee Yoo-young also confirmed Im Ji-yeon’s easy-going personality. Lee Yoo-young said to Im Ji-yeon, who claimed herself as a sensitive person, “I know so well that Ji-yeon is not sensitive. I’ve never seen any kid who was as pure and easy-going as her. Except for the time she spends on acting, she only sleeps”, drawing laughter.

lim ji yeon

With her unexpected charm, Im Ji-yeon is trying to transform with many images while acting. She tried to enrich her filmography by making effort to break away from her quiet and innocent image in the movie “Obsessed”, which helped her rise to stardom.

high society lim ji yeon park hyung sik

In the drama “High Society”, Im Ji-yeon appeared as a bright and honest part-timer and performed a rom-com chemistry with actor Park Hyung-sik. In “Blow Breeze”, she transformed into a brave North Korean defector and took the challenge of acting in North Korean dialect. Portraying the role of Gina, who tracks suspicious neighbors to find her missing sister, in “The Mansion”, Im Ji-yeon proved that she can also lead the mystery thriller genre works very well.

Im Ji-yeon seems to have overcome the burden she got after winning Best New Actress at Daejong Film Awards with “Obsessed” in 2014 by challenging new genres.

lim ji yeon

Im Ji-yeon has already aroused attention as she will star in Kim Eun-sook’s new work “The Glory”, which is scheduled to air in December 2022. Many viewers are looking forward to Im Ji-yeon’s performances in her future works.

Source: Daum

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