TREASURE broke their own record even before the official comeback date, “TREASURE will push ahead their activities like a storm this year”

TREASURE is heralding a successful comeback with a new best record. Showing significant growth as YG’s first artist to make a comeback this year, TREASURE is expected to have a spectacular performance.

TREASURE will return with the release of their first mini-album “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE” on February 15th. Being the first YG artist to make a comeback this year, fans are really looking forward to it. With only comeback announcements and promotions, TREASURE has already set their new best record, proving fans’ high expectations.

TREASURE is signaling a spectacular comeback, proving their significant growth through this album. 8 days after the pre-order for this album was opened, TREASURE rapidly sold 600,000 copies. In other words, the boy group has broken their own best record. This has proved that many fans have been waiting for TREASURE’s comeback and expectations are also extremely high.

TREASURE broke their own record even before the official comeback date

What is noteworthy is that this record is two times higher than the number of their previous single album sales. With 3 singles released in the first year of their debut, TREASURE sold around 240,000 to 280,000 copies for each of their single album and 360,000 copies of their first full album. However, this comeback album alone already set the highest sales record with 600,000 pre-orders. As TREASURE has been on a rise with new achievements even before their official comeback, fans are trying to support this comeback activity more enthusiastically.

There is another thing that keeps fans waiting for TREASURE’s comeback is that this album will be made with the participation of many of YG’s famous internal producers. TREASURE members, Choi Hyun-suk, Yoshi, and Haruto, joined hands in writing rap lyrics for various songs, including the title track “JIKJIN”. Choi Hyun-suk also helped write and compose the b-side track “BFF (Best Friend Forever)”. In order to show TREASURE’s music growth, another member, Bang Ye-dam, will also contribute a song called “DARARI” in which he composed and wrote the lyrics. TREASURE is expected to confirm their capabilities in making music with a variety of genres, ranging from intense hip-hop to easy-listening pop, R&B, and ballads. 

TREASURE broke their own record even before the official comeback date

In addition, TREASURE is drawing attention as they already heralded active promotions this year, starting with this album. YG stated, “We want to show the sincerity of the members, who always want to be with TREASURE MAKER throughout this ‘THE SECOND STEP’ project. TREASURE’s second step in writing their own growing story will shine even more with the participation of fans”, adding, “Please look forward to new movements of the boys who will push ahead their comeback like a storm this year”.

TREASURE, which is attracting keen attention from the music industry and global fans by setting their own best record with the first comeback this year, is expected to carry out more activities like a great storm this year. 

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