TREASURE to make a comeback on February 15th

Boy group TREASURE is back.

According to YG Entertainment on Jan 11th, TREASURE will make a comeback on Feb 15th. Their new album’s name is “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE”. TREASURE’s “THE SECOND STEP” series is drawing attention from its starting point as it is in the form of a mini-album. The track list has not been released yet, but more new songs and active activities than before are expected.

TREASURE’s “THE FIRST STEP” series was in the form of a single album except for the last chapter. As such, in the New Year 2022, TREASURE plans to meet fans on a larger scale under YG’s support.

The motion teaser video posted on YG’s official blog raised expectations for the group’s comeback. 12 separate dots in the video were connected together as one like organisms and changed from time to time into mysterious shapes, catching global fans’ attention.

Also, the phrases “DO TREASURE TO CONNECT..TO BE ONE..TO YOU” / “JOIN US IN THE SECOND STEP OF THE TREASURE EFFECT” were engraved one after another, raising fans’ curiosity about the meaning. This is because active communion between TREASURE and TREASURE MAKER (fandom) is expected to achieve a complete “TREASURE EFFECT”.

YG shared, “The sincerity of the members who always want to be with TREASURE MAKER has been reflected throughout the ‘THE SECOND STEP’ project. TREASURE’s steps to write the second growth narrative will shine even more with fans’ participation. Please look forward to them.”

TREASURE, which debuted in Aug 2020, has quickly established itself as a global rising star by releasing 4 albums in a row in about 5 months in accordance with YG’s high-speed and ultra-focused strategy. Thanks to this, people are paying great attention to what kind of music and performances TREASURE will deliver this time.

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