A Miss Korea’s runner-up was forced to film bed scenes by her husband to pay debts

Although already in her 60s, this Miss Korea’s runner-up is still single because she has lost all her belief in love.

Hong Yeo Jin is an actress and runner-up to the 1979 Miss Korea. Having a sophisticated appearance when she was young, Hong Yeo Jin still boasts an admirable beauty at the age of 60. However, she chose to live a single life and has not had any romantic relationships for such a long time. In fact, she used to get married once but her marriage lasted for only a short time and left a great scar in her heart.

Hong Yeo Jin

In particular, not long after becoming Miss Korea’s runner-up, Hong Yeo Jin suddenly got married at the age of 20. Revealing that this was what she regretted the most throughout her career, she once confessed, “I was too young at that time. I married too early without getting to know more about my partner’s personality. He is not a good person to make a family with”. What led to this hurtful confession was the fact that her husband forced her to film 18+ movies to pay debts as they encountered financial problems right after their marriage. Already becoming a married woman, Hong Yeo Jin didn’t want to take off her clothes on the screen or do skinships and affectionate actions with strangers. She advised her husband to file a bankruptcy petition but he denied doing so and insisted that it was not a big deal for an actress like her to take off clothes and film bed scenes.

Hong Yeo Jin

Both shocked and heartbroken, Hong Yeo Jin made a request that she would divorce after the movie was completed. Unexpectedly, her husband immediately agreed for the sake of the salary.  After taking off her clothes to play a hot scene in the movie In The Name Of Memory, she gave all the salaries she received to her husband and was officially freed. The quick marriage cost her far too much; the only good thing is that In The Name Of Memory was not a bad film; on the contrary, the film’s bed scenes did not give off an obnoxious vibe.

Hong Yeo Jin
Hong Yeo Jin

Currently, at the age of 64, actress Hong Yeo Jin is still persistently devoted to the arts.  However, in the past 10 years, she has mainly played cameo roles and small supporting roles in some film projects.


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