BTS Suga revealed the reason for quick entry and exit…An accident occurred when BLACKPINK Lisa left Korea

BTS Suga revealed why he walks fast when leaving and entering the country. His anxiety happened when Lisa left Korea.

As global stars, BTS members often appear in front of fans at the airport due to various overseas schedules.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th, Suga communicated with fans through Weverse Live and explained why he left the airport quickly. He tends to walk fast since he was young. The airport is also not a place to use alone and there are many passengers there. Suga said he saw many people be bumped into and fall at the airport, so he usually thought he had to leave quickly so that other airport passengers could use it without discomfort.

BTS Suga

Suga’s anxiety actually happened a few days ago. It is a situation that occurred when BLACKPINK Lisa, not Suga, left Korea.

On February 9th when BLACKPINK Lisa left for Paris through Incheon International Airport for an overseas schedule, a fan who came to the airport to take photos of Lisa bumped into a passenger. The problem is that this fan continued to film Lisa after the collision like nothing happened while the passenger sat on the scene and waited for medical staff under the protection of airport security. After Lisa boarded the flight, that fan returned to the accident scene.

In this case, it was not the fault of the celebrities. It was the wrong behavior of those who take pictures of stars and sell them to fans that caused such accidents. 

BTS Suga

Considering the inconvenience of airport passengers, photographers normally gather outside the airport or in limited places with photo lines on special occasions whenever celebrities depart overseas.

On February 15th, Song Ga In left for Hawaii. Middle-aged fans wearing pink jumpers joined Song Ga In’s departures. When fans gathered around to greet Song Ga In and took commemorative photos, an elderly said, “Don’t follow them overseas”. After then, no one followed Song Ga In and the female singer leave the country comfortably.

For BTS’s departures, ARMY also kept the promised line to cheer and greet their idols. Seeing fans staying in lines properly, J-Hope even danced and RM also responded enthusiastically to fans’ cheers.

As Suga said, what fans and reporters should think of first when they come to the airport to meet and communicate with stars are “airport passengers”.

Source: Nate

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