BTS V’s Chinese fanbase will support 600 million won for tvN’s “Jinny’s Kitchen”

A Chinese fanbase of BTS V sent 600 million won worth of support to run V’s personal TV commercial for tvN’s “Jinny’s Kitchen”.

Recently, V’s largest fan club in China, “Baidu Viva”, announced that it would run V’s personal TV commercial on the tvN program “Jinny’s Kitchen”. The advertisement will be sent out once before the first airing of the program at 8:50 PM on February 24th, and twice during the rerun.

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Accordingly, fans said they signed an advertising contract after fierce competition to support V’s first solo entertainment show after BTS’s announcement of their personal activities in Phase 2.

According to the March issue of “MAGAZINE C”, which provides marketing information for CJ Entertainment, the cost of TV advertisement per episode of “Jinny’s Kitchen” ranges from KRW 300 million to KRW 80 million, recording the highest price among new programs in March.

This is the second most expensive advertisement timeslot after the popular drama “Crash Course in Romance” among all tvN programs, proving the high anticipation and attention being paid towards “Jinny’s Kitchen”. 

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On the other hand, “Jinny’s Kitchen” will meet global viewers through Amazon’s global OTT Prime Video. According to the rankings compiled by research firm Park Associates, Amazon’s Prime Video has defeated Netflix to become the number one subscription streaming service in the US in 2022. The program is expected to contribute to the K-entertainment craze as the first Korean entertainment program to be serviced globally by Prime Video.

Source: Nate

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