“Ravi will enlist as a public service worker around the end of May”… Netizens re-examine military service broker’s past comment

Amid VIXX Ravi’s suspicions of draft evasion, an online comment written by military service broker Goo in the past is a hot topic.

On March 6th last year, a netizen posted a question on an online site, “Ravi was born in 1993 and Na In Woo was born in 1994. Are they joining the army this year? What will happen to ‘1 Night 2 Days‘?

Military service broker Goo directly commented, “Ravi is scheduled to enlist as a public service worker around the end of May.

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This was a time when Ravi’s enlistment date and type of enlistment were not disclosed to the public. The announcement of Ravi’s departure from “1 Night 2 Days” was decided in May, and the news of him serving as a public service worker became known in October. In other words, Goo knew about Ravi’s public service worker judgment about 7 months in advance.

This is a part that can be assumed that Ravi and Goo exchanged information related to military enlistment from the beginning of last year.


Meanwhile, a group of brokers who were recently arrested on charges of evading military service claimed through the prosecution that a famous idol rapper was exempted from military service through them. It was revealed that this idol is VIXX Ravi, who enlisted as a public service worker in October last year after dropping out of KBS 2TV’s “1 Night 2 Days”.


Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N announced their position, “We are closely grasping the related details. We are supposed to inform you of our position as soon as possible, but since this is related to his national defense duty, it seems only reasonable for us to first find out the details before explaining to you in detail. If there is a request, we will sincerely receive any investigation at any time.

Source: Nate

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