“The Glory” characters all have hidden sides, from Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, to others 

Alongside its gripping plot, Netflix series “The Glory” is also receiving huge attention for its multifaceted characters. 

The Glory”, which was released in late 2022, is enjoying huge commercial success even in 2023. With an intricate plot, gripping storytelling, and excellent acting performances, it’s extremely challenging to take eyes off the screen while watching the series. 

In addition, the characters of “The Glory” all boast their own charms and hidden styles yet to be unveiled, making them even more attractive.

Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo)

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Moon Dong Eun is the central character of “The Glory”. She originally is a hardworking student with little backbone, who is born to a poor family. As a result, she became the target of “special attention” from wealthier classmates. 

The school violence those classmates did on her has basically traumatized Moon Dong Eun for life. In addition, except for the school nurse who eventually ended up quitting, no one stood on Moon Dong Eun’s side, not even her own mother. 

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Afterwards, the female lead had no choice but to work day and night, and later became a factory employee while still studying hard. For 18 years, she laid out a meticulous plan to give her old perpetrators a taste of their own medicine, at the same time still scarred by mental and physical wounds they have inflicted on her. 

Moon Dong Eun is a character that invoked pity from the audience, seeing that she did nothing wrong, only for life to constantly shove her down. All of these have led to her developing a darker side, which is expected to become more visible in “The Glory” season 2. 

Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun)

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Joo Yeo Jeong is the senior of Moon Dong Eun in university, at the same time her teacher in “go”. At first glance, he’s nothing but friendly, charming, and pure sunshine. He is also extremely loyal, to the point he waited for Dong Eun for years, and even asked to become her “executioner” and assist her revenge. 

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However, behind his bright demeanor is a much meeker reality. In particular, Yeo Jeong constantly attended mental consulting sessions, and is haunted by the murder of his father. 

On top of this, this character was constantly shown mimicking the actions of his father’s murderer. From here, it is safe to deduce that there’s a dark side hidden within Yeo Jeong, and that he will finally take off his mark and adopt the “executioner” role in full in season 2.

Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon)

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As the main perpetrators of Moon Dong Eun’s bullying, Park Yeon Jin is the female lead’s dream, as well as her ultimate nightmare. She bullied, tormented, and laughed at Moon Dong Eun for years for no reason but her enjoyment. Even when she’s grown up, this character is no less cruel and willing to bully others. 

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On the other hand, there’s a lot of troubling sides to Park Yeon Jin. Since she has never been a good student, weathercaster Park Yeon Jin hired people to write scripts for her, and is thus mocked by fellow colleagues. Her daughter is also born out of an affair with her “best friend”, leaving her to worry about the revelation of such secrets. 

All in all, Park Yeon Jin is a character with no redeeming point, but that doesn’t make her a flat villain. She deserves her punishment, but won’t go down without retaliating, and it is impossible to know the moves she’s going to pull next. 

Ha Do Yeong (Jung Sung Il)

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Ha Do Yeong, the husband of Park Yeon Jin, is a president of a large company. He takes care of his wife and child, and while cold, is not a bad superior to be under. In addition, he has a huge passion for go, leading to his paths crossing with Dong Eun, who constantly appears at a go club. 

Talented, successful, and handsome, yet he is completely clueless that his wife used to be a school bully, and his daughter is not his own child. He decides to confront his wife at the end of season 1, opening up a lot of questions about the future of this character. 

Ha Do Yeong is an intriguing character that has a lot to develop, similar to the case of Yoo Jeo Yeong. They will be the “surprise element” and keep the audience on their seats for season 2 of “The Glory”. 

Jeon Jae Jun (Park Sung Hoon)

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Jae Jun was also among the bully gang that constantly tormented Moon Dong Eun. As time passes, he shows himself as a violent guy with a perverse tendency. He has an ultimate weakness, however, in that he is colorblind – a trait which is inherited by his daughter. 

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However, Jae Jun can also be an extremely caring father. After knowing that Yeon Jin’s daughter is also his own, he constantly showers her in love and protection, and expresses the wish to take care of her. 

Nevertheless, he’s an extremely selfish character who is ready to beat people black and blue over a single mention of his color blindness. 

Sa Ra (Kim Hieora)

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Another villain that also received attention was Sa Ra. She is a friend of Yeon Jin and was the one who caused Dong Eun’s hard-to-heal scars in the past.

Sa Ra is the daughter of a preacher. Although she did not like to go to church, she was forced by her father, and reluctantly became a member of the choir. However, she leads a depraved lifestyle, including promiscuous sex, and drug-using.

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In the first part, she was blackmailed by Dong Eun to cover up the secret. Therefore, the audience is curious to know that in the next part, Sa Ra will continue to receive the consequences for her wrongdoings in the past.

Hye Jeong (Cha Joo Young)

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Also a person who harmed the female lead in the past, now Hye Jeong’s life is not much better. Although she works as a flight attendant, her income is not too high. She often brags to her friends. Even when she was ridiculed by Yeon Jin and Sa Ra, despite being humiliated, she still tried to maintain a “peaceful and precious” relationship with them.

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Because she is just the daughter of a laundromat, Hye Jeong is always looking for ways to make friends with rich people in order to have a chance to change her life. And that makes her the most easily manipulated by Dong Eun.

Son Myeong Oh (Kim Gun Woo)

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Son Myeong Oh is the last member of Yeon Jin’s gang. He was Jae Jun’s errand from middle school to adulthood. In the group of friends, he is the most despised because there is nothing but the label of “Jae Jun’s bodyguard”. At the same time, he was also the one who stole Dong Eun’s first kiss in the past.

Later, Dong Eun drags him into her revenge plan. But due to his aggressive nature, he acted hastily and then disappeared suddenly to the surprise of everyone.

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Myeong Oh may have been killed by Yeon Jin when he tried to expose her secret.

Kang Hyeon Nam (Yum Hye Ran)

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Although she is the funniest character in The Glory, Kang Hyeon Nam also has a pitiful life. She was a maid in the president’s house and later became Dong Eun’s helper. However, she had an abusive husband. She even asked Dong Eun to help her kill her husband.

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Despite the hardships, she still has an optimistic spirit. Hyeon Nam is also one of the rare people who can make the female lead feel comfortable and laugh. She and the female lead not only became friends but also became good partners.

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