BTS members’ proper enlistment is why Ravi’s “military corruption suspicion” is criticized even more

This time, Ravi, a rapper from the idol boy group VIXX, has been embroiled in controversy over military service corruption. As Jin from BTS recently joined the military as an active-duty and is being trained with his fellow new-recruits, Ravi’s case is drawing even more criticism as they are being compared.


Ravi, a rapper from VIXX, is known to have been booked on charges of involvement in a military service corruption case. According to SBS “8 News” on Jan 12th, the prosecution and the Military Manpower Administration’s joint investigation team recently booked Ravi on charges of violating the Military Service Act.

In response, Ravi’s side said, “After receiving the report, the agency is closely sorting out the related details.”

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Ravi began fulfilling his national defense obligations in October last year. He revealed that he received an alternative service grade due to “health reasons” and is currently serving as a social service worker. He left surrounded by applause, but is currently under heavy criticism when he was reported to have lowered his service grade through a military service broker.

On the other hand, Jin, the first member of the BTS to join the military and fulfill his national defense obligations, is being highlighted and complimented. BTS was applauded for their attitude regarding enlistment and how they are and will fulfill their national defense obligations as Korean men and citizens, despite previous public opinions about their military service exemption.

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As a result, the oldest BTS member Jin enlisted on Dec 13th. Jin is undergoing basic military training with his colleagues and was even elected as recruit squadron commander and is leading the other new recruits, showing his leadership.

RM has also expressed his belief in joining the military during his trip to Hwaeomsa Temple. When asked, “Are you sad that you didn’t get a military exemption?” RM said, “It is obviously my duty as a Korean citizen. Only then can we talk about rights. I will think of it as the time for me to grow as an adult.”

By choosing to enlist as on-duty soldiers, BTS raises the dignity of K-idol and set an example, leaving behind the preferential treatment he could have received. On the other hand, fans are disappointed as news spread that a idol rapper, who is said to be Ravi, was embroiled in military service corruption.

Source: OSEN

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