Almost rejected for appearance, this male Kpop idol is now a top-tier visual after weight loss

The drastic transformation of this famous male Kpop idol has drawn a lot of admiration from fans and the public alike. 

When it comes to the most drastic transformations within the Kpop industry, BIGBANG member T.O.P is a must-have mention. The male idol is now acknowledged for his visual and enjoys immense popularity, but little people know that prior to joining YG, he looked completely different. In fact, T.O.P almost failed his audition in the past due to his appearance, and only through hard work did he reach today’s position.

t.o.p past photo
YG almost rejected T.O.P because of his appearance

In particular, prior to his debut with BIGBANG, T.O.P was a famous rapper in Korea. Since he’s acting in the underground scene, T.O.P never paid much attention to his appearance and fashion style. 

It was said that prior to BIGBANG. T.O.P used to weigh up to 100kg, leading to YG casting officials turning him down despite his overwhelming talent. In the end, the male idol lost a lot of weight before being selected to debut with BIGBANG, becoming the top-tier visual he is today. 

t.o.p past photo
T.O.P’s chubby visual in the past 
t.o.p past photo
As an underground rapper, the male idol paid little attention to his appearance 
bigbang debut
It was only after weight loss and his debut with BIGBANG that T.O.P gain attention for his looks
Now, he’s consider a top-tier visual in the Kpop scene 

After debuting with BIGBANG, T.O.P worked extremely hard on both his appearance and styling. With weight loss, the male idol flaunts sharper facial features and an outstanding body, making people acknowledge his visuals.

t.o.p haru haru
T.O.P’s appearance in “Haru Haru” was the talk of town

At the same time, T.O.P proves himself as a talented member, instead of just a talentless visual. In fact, his combination with fellow member G-Dragon is considered to be among the most iconic Kpop collabs.

T.O.P has undergone a drastic transformation 
There’s no denying his manly handsomeness nowadays 
top gd
The combination of T.O.P and G-Dragon  is considered to be among the most iconic Kpop collabs

Recently, in his return with “Still Life”, T.O.P became a hot topic for his flawless face. With just a few seconds of close-up shot, the male idol once again proves his charm, even though he’s now in his 30s. It is simply impossible to refute the visuals of T.O.P, no matter how many years have passed. 

t.o.p thumbnail
T.O.P’s outstanding visual at the age of 35

Source: k14

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