“Single’s Inferno 2” is less exciting because there’s no one with the same impact as Song Ji A?

Despite an all-visual cast, “Single’s Inferno 2” is deemed less fun and viral than the first season. 

Despite the high expectations of following the success of “Single’s Inferno” season 1, season 2 does not have the same impact. The final episodes have been released, but “Single’s Inferno 2” could not make it into Netflix’s Top 10 global entertainment shows. Previously, season 1 ranked 4th in the Top 10.

song ji ah
Song Ji A became the star of season 1, there is no one like her in season 2 

Many viewers think that the reason why season 2 is not as buzzworthy as season 1 is because they expected season 2 to introduce another Song Ji A (Freezia) but got disappointed.  In season 1, Song Ji A was the most prominent participant that attracted everyone’s attention. She always appeared in fancy outfits and looked as pretty as a celebrity. Her doll-like beauty, hot body, and chic aura made Song Ji A the main character of the show.

Song Ji A was even compared to Jennie (BLACKPINK) or Jang Won Young (IVE)… However, she got into a controversy when it was discovered that she used fake item of luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada, Dior, Versace… Song Ji A had to apologize for this and went on a hiatus. 

Song Ji A was the focus of “Single’s Inferno” season 1, an important factor who made the show famous 

“Single’s Inferno 2” is said to not have anyone who really stands out to create much buzz like Song Ji A did. Many viewers say season 2 is less fun than season 1. There are comments pointing out that the loveline between the main couple, Shin Seul Ki and Kim Jin Young, does not progress, making viewers tired.

Even though Seul Ki is a beauty pageant, her personality is boring. The male cast is also bland, their tastes are also relatively similar, so it’s not surprising,” a viewer commented.

Single's Inferno
Shin Seul Ki – Miss Chunhyang 2020 can’t carry season 2

Besides negative comments, there are still many viewers who think that season 2 is more interesting than season 1 and that it is true to the nature of a dating show.

Seul Ki is a bit boring but very pretty. From the start, I knew that Seul Ki would be pursued by many cast members. Young Jae and Seo Eun match well, their chemistry is great. So  E and Sejun are also cute. Nadine is more suitable to be friends with the male cast than a girlfriend”, “Season 2 is better, the female cast is all pretty. Season 1 is so-so, the whole male cast liking Ji A was also not interesting”, “I like season 2 better, and I don’t need any another Freezia,”… are some comments left by viewers who enjoyed Season 2.

Source: k14. 

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