BIGBANG’s surprising visuals in the comeback MV after 4 years: Taeyang’s so different, T.O.P is truly the best male visual in the industry

BIGBANG’s comeback after 4 years of absence immediately makes the fans go wild, leaving them constantly discussing and sharing.

At 0:00 a.m on April 5th (KST), BIGBANG officially returned with the new song “Still Life”. The comeback immediately caused extreme excitement for the audience. Besides the heart-touching music, BIGBANG‘s makeover is also what attracts the audience’s attention.

Taeyang is the member with the biggest change. Leaving behind his dusty and cool appearance, his long hair now is completely romantic. Besides, after 16 years of debut, T.O.P still deserves to be the top male idol in Kpop. The scene where the male rapper took off his mask, revealing his sharp face and beautiful platinum hair made fans scream, even comparing him to the cartoon character Jack Frost.


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