Chuu, first LOONA member to escape, has become an advertisement star 

As the first to escape LOONA’s former agency, Chuu is making a name for herself in the advertising industry.

According to her current agency, ATRP, former LOONA Chuu has been receiving love calls for various advertisements, including beauty brands, travel platforms, food, beverages, and public service ads.


Previously, in December 2021, Chuu filed a lawsuit for an injunction to suspend the exclusive contract with her former agency, Blockberry Creative, and partially succeeded in March last year. After continuing her individual activities, the female idol recently signed an exclusive contract with new entertainment agency ATRP, signaling a fresh start.

Since leaving her previous agency, Chuu has been actively engaged in diverse activities. Within two months of announcing her exclusive contract with ATRP, she was selected as the model for a total of six advertisements. Not only that, but she is also receiving numerous love calls and discussing collaborations with various brands in different fields.


Chuu possesses a fresh and lively charm, along with a natural and healthy image. The advertisement industry evaluates that such an image is acting as a factor in the rise of stock prices by exhibiting positive synergy with brands.

Furthermore, through her channel “Chuu Can Do It”, Chuu receives a lot of love from the public by introducing various ways to protect the Earth and exerting her influence as an “environmental guardian” who practices an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Recently, Chuu drew attention by appearing on MBC’s “Radio Star” and hinting at a solo album. During the broadcast, Chuu said, “I am preparing for a release in the second half of this year. I think I can do well with enjoyable, cute, and bright songs.”


Upon hearing about Chuu’s activities, netizens have shown various reactions and left comments such as “She did well by leaving the agency”, “Looking forward to her solo career because her voice is great”, “Thanks to Chuu’s efforts, all LOONA members are now free”, and “Jiwoo (Chuu’s real name), let’s walk the flower path.” 

At the same time, there is growing anticipation for what Chuu will showcase as a solo artist.

Source: Wikitree

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