Zero sales of BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo album “LALISA” were registered to Gaon for the last 6 months: What is the reason?

Fans of BLACKPINK’s Lisa are expressing their frustration at YG over the current situation of her album sales. 

Since BLACKPINK’s Lisa dropped her solo debut album “LALISA” in September 2021, YG Plus only registered LALISA album sales to Gaon for the first release based on the pre-order record. The rest of the albums produced after the pre-order period that were sent to stores were not registered. In order for an album to be listed on Gaon, the company needs to submit a sales report. However, YG Plus is assumed to have not submitted the report for Lisa’s album for the last 6 months, leading to “LALISA” to appear with zero sales on Gaon starting from January 2022. 

Lisa Blackpink-Lalisa

Currently, Lisa’s fans are extremely angry and frustrated because of YG Plus’s lack of transparency. The phrase “YG RELEASE LISA ALBUM SALE” has been trending on Twitter worldwide as fans demand YG Plus to issue a feedback. 


Due to their anger at the company’s unjust treatment of Lisa, many Lisa’s fans have even decided not to support BLACKPINK’s upcoming full-group album. A number of Lisa’s fanbases previously announced to stop purchasing the group’s albums indefinitely. 


Gaon’s last report on “LALISA” album sales was in January 2022 with over 809,000 copies. Since then, it has been half a year, but the sales data has not been publicly disclosed.

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