BTS V made headlines for his visual that stole the attention when he appeared at the Blue House

Apart from being appointed as the ‘special envoy for culture’ at the Blue House, BTS V is also called the ‘global young leader’ and praised as an example for future generations.

On the morning of September 14, at the presidential office in Blue House, President Moon Jae In awarded BTS the certificates of appointment as “the president’s special envoy for public diplomacy and the future generations”.


Videos and photos of BTS were also posted on the official website of the Blue House and on BTS’s official SNS accounts.

Among them, the close-up photos of V caught the attention as ‘the visual of KPOP’ shone with his overwhelming beauty even when he was wearing a black mask.

Surprised by V’s unique handsomeness, a media outlet posted a video whose caption said “No need subtitles” as a witty way to express their exclamation.

In addition, ahead of BTS’s attending the 76th UN General Assembly on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda, V’s speeches and actions that spread good influences are becoming a hot topic again.


On September 23 last year, BTS made a special appearance at the 75th UN General Assembly and delivered a message of hope to the young generations.

In particular, V sincerely shared his thoughts on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on his life and delivered positive messages to fans in order to give them comfort and hope.

Moreover, in April last year, V posted a “Stay-at-home Challenge” video to encourage the social (physical) distancing campaign and received great responses.

The video has surpassed 2 million “likes” and was directly retweeted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a compliment for his contribution to spreading the social distancing campaign.

In addition, in September, V appeared on KBS 1TV’s News 9 and suggested the “Dream Challenge”. He said, “Why don’t we write or draw about what we want to do first when the COVID-19 pandemic is over?”

V’s ingenious and creative idea, Dream Challenge, received explosive attention. When the video was uploaded on his SNS, people were surprised by not only his handsome visual that startled the cameraman but also the message of hope and consolation that he wanted to deliver to people around the world through the hashtag #DreamChallenge.

In response, fans gave enthusiastic reactions: “The fan-attracting fairy of the Blue House”, “Is he a special envoy for culture or a special envoy for visual?”, “Did he just film a spy movie at the Blue House?”, “His face is already diplomatic. King of national promotion”, “Whether it was in a temple, a palace or the Blue House, his beauty is a national construction.”

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