Min Hyo-rin’s Dressing Room in Seoul’s Most Expensive 18 Billion Won Hannam-dong House is also ‘Luxurious’

Actress Min Hyo-rin showed off her enduring beauty

On the 21st, Min Hyo-rin posted a photo taken at home, delighting fans with her recent status.

As a mother of one, Min Hyo-rin still displayed a girlish beauty, revealing her innocent charm.

What captured attention as much as Min Hyo-rin’s beauty was the location where the photos were taken. The spacious dressing room with a prominent white-toned interior showcased neatly organized clothes, attracting attention.

Min Hyo-rin and her husband, Taeyang, reside in a luxury apartment located in Hannam-dong, Seoul. This apartment, known as the most expensive house in Seoul, is rumored to have set a record for the highest real estate transaction at 18 billion won.

Meanwhile, Min Hyo-rin got married to Big Bang’s Taeyang in 2018 and is currently raising a son with him.

Source: nate

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