SM Rookies trio turn on their “interview mode” in their latest meeting with Lee Soo-man 

The surprised meeting reveals details that fans are eager to know. 

SM STUDIOS’ first global content, “Welcome to NCT Universe,” is a reality program where SM Rookies (Shohei, Eunseok, and Seung-han) received a mysterious invitation from NEO CITY and learned everything about NCT with NCT SHOTARO and SUNGCHAN as their guides.

In the 10th episode of “Welcome to NCT Universe” set to be released through global platforms on January 25th, Shohei, Eunseok, and Seunghan’s training courses will be revealed. The trio share their honest feelings about SMTOWN stages, their daily routines and aspirations as artists after their debut.

In particular, they will have a meeting with Lee Soo-man, chief producer of SM Entertainment.


Executive producer Lee Soo-man, who founded SM Entertainment in 1995, led the K-pop wave by producing unique artists, namely H.O.T., S.E.S., Shinhwa, BoA, NCT and aespa. In an unexpected interview schedule, Shohei, Eunseok, and Seunghan make half-excited, half-nervous expressions, saying, “What will I say,” “I’m a little nervous,” and “I don’t think I’ll be able to speak.”

Three seconds before meeting Lee Soo-man, The SM Rookies are overwhelmed by Lee Soo-man’s enormous office and are amazed at the sheer amount of details Lee Soo-man knows, including the practice period and small updates at SM.


On the same day, Lee Soo-man also reveals the reason for inviting the trio of SM Rookies and tells the story that will surprise them. It raises questions about what that story is. 

Source: Daum

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