Despite the safety insensitivity controversy, Lee Si Young releases more photos of her climb with her son on her back

Actress Lee Si Young continued to post pictures on Instagram showing her Mount Halla climb with her son on her back.

On January 24th, Lee Si Young unveiled several photos on her SNS account with the caption, “Welcome the New Year at Mount Halla”.

Lee Si Young hiking

The pictures show Lee Si Young climbing Mount Halla with her son Jung Yoon on her back. Lee Si Young smiled proudly even when climbing the tough snowy Mount Halla.

On January 17th, Lee Si Young also posted some proof shots of her climbing Mount Halla while carrying her son on her back. Since then, the actress has been embroiled in controversies over safety insensitivity and child abuse because she climbed a dangerous snow mountain while carrying her 20kg son on her back. Therefore, Lee Si Young later released more videos and photos to announce that they finished the climb safely.

On January 23rd, Lee Si Young uploaded a video on her own Youtube channel “LeesiyoungTV” under the title “Mount Halla Youngsil Course, I challenged a New Year sunrise hike with Jung Yoon!”.

In the video, she explained the situation, saying “We were all ready for the climb. But since I’m a mom, I also considered Jung Yoon’s feelings important. I kept asking him ‘You cold? Are you cold?’. I couldn’t even make a comment and only focused on Jung Yoon.”

The actress also revealed the reason she decided to climb Mount Halla with her son. She said, “My bucket list? I had a vague thought and desire to go to Mount Halla with Jung Yoon. I have to wait at least 5 years more for my son to be able to climb Mount Halla on his own but I’m getting old. I wanted to go there with Jung Yoon when I was more energetic. My child was too young to climb so I had to carry him on my back. It was very heavy to lift a kid while climbing, and 20kg is my limit.”

Lee Si Young continued, “If I miss the chance this year, I will have to wait 5 years more. I might be a little greedy, but I really wanted to go there. I asked Jung Yoon about 10 times, and he said ‘yes’ to all those 10 times. Jung Yoon even said he wanted to go to Mount Baekdu”, adding “Although we couldn’t reach the top, it was still my happiest day in 2022. I think I will never forget it.”

Source: Daum

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