“Why Seo Hyun-jin was chosen to play Oh Soo-jae?”… She’s an amazing actress who can pull off three-dimensional characters

“Why Seo Hyun-jin?” – You can find the answer in the drama “Why Her”.

Actress Seo Hyun-jin is starring in SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her” (written by Kim Ji-eun/ directed by Park Soo-jin) as star lawyer Oh Soo-jae, the youngest partner at TK Law Firm.

Oh Soo-jae seems to be the kind of character who can give in recognition and duty for success but she is actually a person full of wounds. Seo Hyun-jin maximizes the three-dimensional charm of Oh Soo-jae by delicately expressing the different sides of a complicated character. This means she has to depict an Oh Soo-jae who wears a mask to survive in a very different way.

Seo Hyun-jin

The image of Oh Soo-jae varies depending on time and place. In the past, she was so naive that she got deceived by the rich people Choi Tae-kook (Heo Jun-ho) and Choi Joo-wan (Ji Seung-hyun). Oh Soo-jae got pushed away to an unfamiliar place and even lost her child but she had no choice but to suffer them all. Oh Soo-jae, who was weak, now holds the bad guys in her hands and shakes them with her intelligence and persistent evidence. Her appearance with cold eyes and smile thrills the audience.

seo hyun jin why her

She shows up with a perfect outlook in front of those who want to destroy her, but in her own space, she returns to be Oh Soo-jae with her original self. Gong Chan (Hwang In-yeop), who was treated nicely by Oh Soo-jae in the past and fell in love with her, is the only person who knows the ordinary side of Oh Soo-jae. Some viewers pointed out, “Gong Chan’s position in the drama is too weak to be Oh Soo-jae’s romance partner”. However, it seems like Gong Chan is now the only person whom she can lean on without having to worry too much. 

Seo Hyun-jin

Oh Soo-jae is one character but this character has many aspects. Nevertheless, the character can be understood easily thanks to Seo Hyun-jin’s intuitive performance. Her tone is normally high-handed but can become softer with strength being reduced. Her eyes, which are ferocious as if she were going to eat anyone, are sometimes warm and moist. With a character who goes back and forth between cold and hot, her excellent overall control and delicate emotional expression stand out even more.

Seo Hyun-jin

Thanks to Seo Hyun-jin’s enthusiastic performance, the ratings are also on the rise. Starting with 6% (hereinafter Nielsen Korea’s national standard), “Why Her” recorded 9.2% in episode 8 (the latest episode). Although the figure falls short of the drama’s own best record of 10.1%, it is worth looking forward to future results as it surpassed 9% after remaining in the 8% range from episode 5.

Seo Hyun-jin

A broadcasting official told Sports Seoul on June 28th, “Seo Hyun-jin is adding fun by portraying a character who goes back and forth between ‘sweet and salty’ depending on the situation with her great acting. She firmly holds the center of the drama and creates synergy with all the characters. I feel like she’s carrying everyone. Dieting was also a smart choice. Every time I see her thin face, I can feel her professionalism as well as approach Oh Soo-jae’s pain more desperately.”

Source: Daum

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