Jung Chae-yeon, who recently suffered group’s disbandment and surgery, confessed her feelings through an affectionate letter

As DIA recently released their last song and officially disbanded, member Jung Chae-yeon left her final greeting.

Jung Chae-yeon made a long post on fancafe on September 14th. Expressing her feelings about the group’s disbandment, she said, “I wrote this a little late after recovering from the surgery. I can’t write a handwritten letter with my arms right now… So I’m trying to type a few letters to you like this”

Jung Chae-yeon said, “Every year, on September 14th, we always laughed together, but it feels so sad today. It’s been like a dream for me to debut as a member of DIA in 2015 at the age of 19 and meet AIDs (DIA’s fandom name). I was very happy thanks to AIDs, who made our 7 years shine brightly”, expressing her gratitude to fans.

She continued, “To me, who had a lot of individual schedules, the members and AIDs were my fences. I felt so thankful to the members and I’m always rooting for them. Everyone, you worked hard. All of us are now trying to take courage and go on our own path. Please cheer for each member so that they can shine in their own way”, asking fans to give encouragement to the members.

Meanwhile, Jung Chae-yeon was reportedly injured after falling down the stairs during the filming of MBC’s drama “The Golden Spoon” in the early morning of September 10th. She was immediately taken to a hospital in Seoul.

Regarding the accident, Jung Chae-yeon’s agency MBK Entertainment said, “As a result of CT and X-ray scans, Jung Chae-yeon was revealed to have a fractured collarbone and symptoms of a concussion. She has received emergency treatment”.

Jung Chae-yeon reportedly underwent surgery on her fractured collarbone on the afternoon of September 13th. Accordingly, her ligament was also examined and if ligament damage was found, suture surgery would have also been performed.

DIA released their new single “Rooting For You” on September 14th. This is a fan song that DIA prepared for DIAs. Although it was originally scheduled to be released on the 15th, it was eventually published on the group’s debut date (Sep 14th) as a farewell gift for fans.

Source: wikitree

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