1 year after Kim Jong Kook’s “consultation”, Song Ji Hyo steals hearts with her healthy body

Song Ji Hyo’s healthy and stunning physique has been been stealing hearts left and right without any need for revealing clothes 

Ever since she opted for a shorter hairstyle, famous actress Song Ji Hyo seems to have become more fond of sharing her photos. Now, she keeps sweeping netizens off their feet with her new energetic, youthful, yet still alluring images. 

Even without revealing clothes or heavy makeup, the “Running Man” star easily draws eyes with her healthy body. Song Ji Hyo’s beauty ages like fine wine, her fans have been saying. 

Looking at Song Ji Hyo’s changed body, however, many fans of the famous variety show “Running Man”, started to joke that this may be a product of a consultation session from the actress’ gym-obsessed co-star, Kim Jong Kook

In particular, around a year ago, Song Ji Hyo appeared on Kim Jong Kook’s first vlog, where she received advice on a proper dieting and exercising method to acquire her desired body. In the video, Kim Jong Kook also commented that Song Ji Hyo can develop muscles easily, despite her affinity towards food and her love for sleeping. 

As close colleagues for 10 years and ongoing, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook are often shipped together by fans. While the couple affirmed that they only see each other as friends, their chemistry is still off the roof, leading to fans hard-stanning this “Spartace” couple. 

It has been years since Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo met on the set of “Running Man”, but every moment between the two always manages to draw enthusiastic reactions from fans. 

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