Hilarious animated summary of “The Glory” draws massive attention

A short animated version of “The Glory” retells the story in a comical way and invokes laughter among fans. 

There is no doubt that “The Glory” is the most buzzworthy drama in the first three months of 2023. The drama series is maintaining its heat on Netflix, coming in top rankings, and even first place, among the viewing charts of many countries around the world. 

the glory
“The Glory” tops the “Top 10 Shows” rankings of many Southeast Asian countries 

In fact, the revenge drama is so hot, there is an animated version of the drama series released online. The 1-minute-and-a-half long clip summarizes the main events along with twists and turns in the drama through simplified animation and humorous storytelling. 

Comments from netizens: “I laugh until my stomach hurts,” “I don’t have to binge two parts of the drama now,” “Succinct and concise, [the drama] even turns into a comedy.” 

Source: K14

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