NewJeans forewarns of legal action against malicious slander “No settlements or leniency”

On Aug 10th, HYBE’s label ADOR announced through its official SNS account, “Our company has decided to initiate and continue legal proceedings on a regular basis against perpetrators of malicious activities targeting NewJeans and any content by the company.”


ADOR added, “We will initiate legal proceedings based on evidence submitted by our fans as well as collected through our own internal monitoring efforts, and no settlements or leniency will be extended to the perpetrators of such actions.”


Meanwhile, NewJeans is the first girl group created by Min Hee-jin, who served as a creative director at SM Entertainment, after moving to HYBE, and has been a hot topic even before debut. They officially debuted on Aug 1st and are sweeping the top spots on various music charts.

Source: Daum

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