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“Tiffany ssi, please go out”… Girls’ Generation members exploded with anger on “Soshi Tamtam”

Girls’ Generation members drew laughter with a dynamic episode of them transforming into one-day staffs of Hyo-yeon, Yu-ri and Soo-young.

In JTBC’s entertainment program “Soshi Tamtam”, which aired on August 0th, Girls’ Generation unveiled the new episode called “I’m a superstar” in which the members spent a day being partners of each other as artists and staffs. The chemistry of Hyo-yeon team, Yu-ri team and Soo-young team and their different styles of caring for the artists brought so much fun to fans.

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First of all, Girls’ Generation members expressed their desired roles and wishes as artists and one-day staff. In particular, artist candidate Yu-ri tried to attract the members whom she wanted to choose as her staff by suggesting going home early. Meanwhile, another candidate Hyo-yeon said she would provide a short schedule that ends in only three hours. The last candidate Soo-young, who couldn’t stand losing to the others, also raised the members’ interest in her by presenting a new and fresh promise of creating good stories that help the image of the staff. 

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Tae-yeon and Seo-hyun became staff of artist Hyo-yeon’s team. Artist Yu-ri’s team includes Sunny and Tiffany. Yoon-ah was decided as a one-day parter of artist Soo-young. The members then gathered in the studio to watch the videos recorded a day of each team and had some noisy conversations. Hyo-yeon summoned Seo-hyun when Sunny and Tiffany Young tried to control her then Seo-hyun punished the two with a sharp elbow attack.

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Above all, the exciting schedules of Hyo-yeon’s team and Yu-ri’s team drew attention. First, Hyo-yeon was seen on the verge of being late from the beginning of the day because her staff did not show up in time to pick her up. As much as Seo-hyun’s passion for the role of a director, she was put under the great pressure of endless healthy snacks and high tension.

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While Hyo-yeon arrived at the music video filming site and changed her costume, Tae-yeon and Seo-hyun greeted the director and other staff. When the shooting began, the two fulfilled their role with serious and detailed monitoring. The way Taeyeon and Seo-hyun went to buy snacks for everyone and talked about the different feelings as they have been carrying out personal activities all this time created a warm atmosphere. On the other hand, Hyo-yeon was filming alone while for her two staff.

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Next, Tiffany Young, the staff of Yu-ri, who attended a fashion event, surprised everyone as she appeared in a nice costume as she believed ‘The staff is the artist’s business card’. She scared Yu-ri with her driving stress that exploded due to the severe traffic jam and wandered around finding the way to the waiting room with her weak sense of direction. In addition, she took out unnecessary items and gave them to Yu-ri, who was nervous because her outfit hadn’t come, then laughed as Yu-ri exploded and said, “Tiffany ssi, please go out”.

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When the event began, Sunny, who was in charge of communication, and Tiffany Young, who was in charge of action, provided an optimal environment for Yu-ri to focus on her work. Tiffany Young took lots of photos of Yu-ri and gave her nonstop compliments and reactions. Meanwhile, Sunny checked the sequence of the event and movements for Yu-ri. The two satisfied Yu-ri by fulfilling their duties in their own position.

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As such, Girls’ Generation shared schedules as artists and one-day staff, discovered new aspects of the members that they did not know, and raised expectations for the rest of the story from Yu-ri’s team as well as a day of Soo-young’s team, which has yet to be released. 

“Soshi Tamtam” airs every Tuesday at 8:50 p.m.

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